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Feature 100 preset guitar sounds, 20 of which were created by world-renowned guitarist Steve Vai.

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large collection of patches being shared on the Internet

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realistic simulation of mic'ed cabinet sounds

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controls are easy to use once you get used to them

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large memory for a big selection of patches available at all times

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sturdy design, can be kicked or stepped on by accident without a problem

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drum machine gives a good range of options and is easily adjusted for tempo

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sample limit of 5 seconds is restrictive

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The Zoom G2Nu is one of two guitar-effects pedals (G2.1Nu, Zoom G2Nu) that both feature 100 preset guitar sounds, 20 of which were created by world-renowned guitarist Steve Vai. Additional presets can be downloaded for free online via patches. Plus both units can also operate an an audio interface, allowing users to record audio directly to a PC via an integrated USB interface. The G2Nu also supports an optional foot switch (FS01) that allows tap tempo input for rhythm, looper, and effects. Plus it supports an optional expression pad (FP02) to control effective parameters. Additional features include an ultra-fast 5ms patch change speed via a simple switch; ZOOM’s proprietary noise reduction technology for preventing unwanted noise; and an integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources.

  • Guitar-Effects Pedals
  • 100 Preset Guitar Sounds
  • Free Downloadable Patches
  • Operates as an Audio Interface
  • Advanced ZFX-3 Sound Engine
  • 16-Bit Quantization
  • 24-bit A/D/A Conversion
  • Win/Mac Compatibility
  • Edit/Share Software (Free Download)
  • Large 1.9” Display w/3 Control Knobs
  • 6-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • 40 Rhythm Patterns
  • Sturdy Metal Chassis
  • Three Power Sources (AC/USB/Batteries)
  • Cubase LE 4 Music Production System
  • Optional FS01 Switch
  • Optional FP02 Pad
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Ultra Fast Change Speed
Post Review
07/10/2011 05:13

The Zoom G2Nu is a MASSIVE leap forwards following thr previously very successful 505ii. The quality of the effects are outstandingly good and the unit controls are amazingly intuitive to use without any immediate need to plough through the manual .... that can be left until you've had a good time exploring it's many carefully designed and integrated functions. (The multi-function control knobs are a joy to use as is the associated digital display).

I especially like the facility to 'bounce' presets and your own FX patches around and to be able to swap them without necessarily having to overwrite. I've easily identified the factory presets that I want in the 'A' bank and have swapped out those I don't immediately need with patches deeper into the library.

I do have to disagree about the range of rhythms as I find these rather restricted and unimaginative. For me, they bear no comparison to those provided with the identically priced Korg mini Pandora PX4D or 5D.

Overall however, I am stunned with the G2Nu and despite my reservations about the rhythm options, I would still award it 10/10 for being the most incredible effects unit in the price range at which it is aimed ..... I just wish Zoom also provided the USB cable that you really do need to make best use of the unit.

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