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The Zoom G1u is a multi-tone guitar pedal.

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Direct monitoring capabilities minimize the likelihood of latency issues - records audio just as the user hears it

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Conducive to tabletop effects configurations - knobs and switches are engineered for hands-on interaction

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USB compatibility is a great bonus for laptop musicians - connectivity is quick and easy, and offers additional access to the "ZFX Tools" software peripheral

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On-board looper is very helpful for solo musicians - can be used in conjunction with built-in drum sounds to synchronize and perform full song arrangements

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Expression pedal connectivity is handy and non-discriminative - compatible with virtually any 1/4" on/off switch

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Wide array of presets and user patches - 200+ options justify the price point

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Two-digit display can be confusing - hard to understand when editing effects parameters, even after consulting the manual

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Plastic enclosure lacks durability - not recommended for floor-sitting stomp box applications

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The Zoom G1u is a multi-tone guitar pedal. While the design is similar to the Zoom G1N, a number of functions have been added and a USB port now enables a connection to a PC or Mac. A guitar tuner has been built in, and up to 100 presets can be saved for later recall. Features in common with the Zoom G1N include a 96 kHz sampling rate from the guitar input for high quality sound, and a 24 bit A/D/A conversion module to keep quality loss to a minimum while sound is being processed. A drum machine is built in and can be programmed with a basic tap key. This pedal will work on battery power, and can also be powered through a standard AC outlet.

  • 30 drive tones, 67 effects
  • USB connection
  • ZFX Tools software included
  • 96 kHz sampling
  • 24 bit A/D/A conversion
  • 100 preset patches, save up to 100 more
  • 5 second sampling
  • Drum machine, tap key
  • Built in guitar tuner
  • AC/DC power
  • Expression Pedal (Optional)
  • Foot Switch (Optional)
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