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Ideal for grilling steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables indoors.

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Ideal for grilling steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables indoors, this 1300-watt countertop appliance has a big, family-size grill surface of 12-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches coated with nonstick for low-fat cooking and easy cleaning. A variable heat control provides precise cooking temperatures, and the grill's handles and stylish, dark-gray plastic base stay cool during operation for safety. Another safety feature prevents the heat control, which provides power to the appliance, from being inserted unless the metal drip tray and cooking grid are in place and prevents the grid from being removed during operation. The appliance disassembles easily for cleaning, and the drip tray is dishwasher-safe. Overall, the unit measures 20-3/4 inches wide, 6-1/8 inches high, and 14 inches deep. 

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  • Ideal for grilling steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables indoors
  • Nonstick grill surface measures 12.5 by 9.25 inches
  • Variable heat control; cool-touch handles and housing
  • Disassembles easily for cleaning; dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • Overall, measures 20.75 inches wide, 6.12 inches high, 14 inches deep
  • Grill design directs excess oils and fats away from food and into the drip pan for healthier dining.
  • Drip pan is dishwasher safe and the unit disassembles for easy cleaning.
  • Variable temperature settings from 176ºF to 410ºF on the detachable power cord.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smoke? How does this grill compare to the "smokeless" varieties?

    There is some smoke, but not much at all. Hasn't set off my smoke alarm. It's built the same way as all the other "smokeless" grills where the heating element is in the grid and drippings don't drip down onto a heat source. The drip tray is deep and could be filled with water, but the instruction booklet says nothing about it and I've found no reason to do it. I'd be afraid it might cause more of a "steamed" flavor to the food. It seems to be far enough away from the grill top that what's in it doesn't dry out and smoke. After a little soak, it cleans up with absolutely no effort and looks brand new. I believe it's stainless steel. The other brands may recommend using water because the drip pan is closer to the heating element or made of a material that doesn't withstand heat or clean up as well. This grill may smoke a touch more than competing brands due to the higher temperature I think it acheives. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Food really does taste "grilled" and a bit smokey like it was cooked on a gas grill. The older design electric grills with the heat source under the grid are still sold, but no longer recommended or sold for indoor use due to much more smoke, flame and a much greater chance of fire. They won't clean up like this grill does either.

  • Is the tray removable for cleaning? I have a cheap foreman now and hate cleaning it.

    Yes the tray is removable. It's quite easy to clean.

  • Does it get hot enough to give it a good sear? The DeLonghi reviews I looked at had this as a chief complaint and heat is very important in grilling.

    Yes!!! It's one of the featurescI like best. The grill surface is a good weight and after preheating on high you can sear away. I love it

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