Zojirushi makes baking easy, quick and foolproof with our versatile Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker in two stunning styles.

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Zojirushi makes baking easy, quick and foolproof with our versatile Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker in two stunning styles. This breadmaker will bake a whole 2-pound loaf of bread, and has menu courses for a variety of other cooking needs. Can you image the mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked bread in your home every day? Now you can choose the style that best matches your d├ęcor. From cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast to buttery dinner rolls or garlic bread sticks to serve with dinner, this countertop appliance makes it easy to create delicious bakery-style artisan bread right at home. It can even be used to make homemade meatloaf, strawberry jam, chocolate cake, and more.

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Easy to Use

Choose from three crust shades -- light, medium, or dark -- and from 10 pre-programmed settings that consist of Basic, Basic Wheat, Basic Dough, Quick, Quick Wheat, Quick Dough, Jam, Cake, Sour Dough Starter, and Home Made. Best of all, the machine's timer can be set to delay the end of the baking cycle by up to 13 hours, which makes it possible to wake up to the smell of freshly baked, homemade bread in the morning or to come home to a warm loaf at the end of a long day at the office. The bread maker provides two blades for thorough dough kneading and a higher rise, a large viewing window, an "on" indicator light, a start/reset button, and a removable nonstick bread pan for easy cleaning. A double-ended teaspoon/tablespoon measuring spoon, an 8-ounce measuring cup, and a user manual with a variety of recipes come included.

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Inner Cooking Pan
The bread maker provides two blades for thorough dough kneading and a higher rise that bakes a large traditional rectangular shaped 2 lb. loaf.
User-friendly LCD control panel
Select from three crust shades, 10 pre-programmed settings, and set the time timer.
Large Viewing window
The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme features a large viewing window to watch the progess.
Other Features
  • Nonstick coated baking pan for easy cleaning
  • Sour Dough Starter function prepares a light sourdough starter in a little over 2 hours
  • Quick baking cycle prepares breads in about 2 hours
  • 13 hour delay timer
  • Auto shut-off system for added safety
  • Includes an easy-to-follow instruction DVD, manual and recipe booklet
  • Menu settings include: Basic, Quick, Wheat, Dough, Jam, Cake, Sourdough Starter, 3 Home Made Menus
  • 10-minute power failure back-up
  • Bakes a large traditional rectangular shaped 2-lb. loaf
  • Exclusive Home Made Menu function includes 3 memory settings
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Pre-programmed Baking Options

Breads, cakes and other menu options are pre-programmed. In certain models, you can also program your own cycles as well.
Whole Wheat
The extended kneading time helps knead heavier flour such as whole wheat and rye flour thoroughly.
Don't sweat over the stove stirring the pot; the Home Bakery will do it for you automatically. Enjoy preservatives and additive free jam all year round.
No need to get out the whisk or mixers; the Home Bakery will mix the ingredients AND automatically bake the cake for you.
Home Made
The Home Made cycle allows you to program the knead, rise and bake times to create your own menu setting. It even lets the Home Bakery work like an oven and bake meatloaf in it!
Prepares dough for you to shape and bake in the oven. Enjoy fun recipes such as pizza, bagels, pretzels and cinnamon rolls.
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Simplify Making Homemade Bread

Use Fresh Ingredients
First, prepare fresh ingredients. Quality of the finished bread will depend on ingredients used. Avoid mixing in old or stale ingredients.
Attach Blades
Blades are especially important parts of the breadmakers. Make sure the blades are properly attached.
Measure Ingredients
Next, measure ingredients accurately. The more accurate the measurements are, the better the finished bread will be. Rough measurements will result in a rough bread.
Add Ingredients in Order
Ingredients have lives. There are compatibilities among ingredients, too. Through trials and errors, we found a right order for adding ingredients. Please add in the order of liquids, powders, and yeast to be assured your bread comes out the way you want.
Select Course
Finally, make sure to choose the right course setting.
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Color Options

  • Black
  • White
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Bake a Variety of Recipes

It can even be used to make homemade meatloaf, strawberry jam, chocolate cake, and more. For a basic bread recipe, simply add in measured ingredients, close the lid, make a selection from the user-friendly LCD control panel, and the Home Bakery Supreme takes care of the rest--baking up a rectangular-shaped 2-pound loaf of bread to perfection.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gluten free bread mix?

    I haven't used mixes per se, but use recipes provided if you email the company and they will send you recipes and settings for the machine. That changed everything for me as it went from "flop" to "great."

  • It does not heat up. Has anyone else had this problem?

    If I understood your question correctly, your BB-CEC20 kneads the dough but does not bake it. If this is the case, then the heater in your machine is either defective or miswired. If the machine is still under warranty, then you should return it. I have never had this problem. Also I think that the answer by Edward H. Schoeffler contains useful information and may be helpful to you.

  • Where is this machine made?

    It says "made in China" on the bottom --- just like everything else. However, it really works well. As a Quality Assurance Engineer I know that they have some pretty comprehensive quality control processes on high-end goods produced in China. This is definitely a high-end product that is worth the money.

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