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The Z Curve Bow launches a precise air strike from a great distance!

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The Z Curve Bow launches a precise air strike from a great distance! That's right! With pin point precision, this toy crossbow can shoot arrows over 125 feet. Simply point out a target, take aim and use the handy firing mechanism to send a barrage of arrows; 3 foam arrows in all are included?2 bounce back arrows and 1 ZARTZ suction cup arrow that will stick to most surfaces and then auto release. The included ZipClip holder can comfortably carries the arrows for your convenience. Both left and right handed warriors can handle the Z Curve. Protect yourself in midst of fun and games with this Green and Blue Z Curve Bow!

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  • Set includes the bow, 2 RedX arrows, one suction cup arrows
  • The long range RedX foam tip arrow that will bounce back off of targets and walls; The foam suction cup tip arrow that will stick to almost anything
  • Additional sets of arrows available
  • Arrows made of soft, safe foam
  • Pinpoint accuracy
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  • Appropriate age?

    I bought for my son that at the time I got thus was 6... now he is 9 and still loves it.. but his siblings love it too the youngest being 4 yrs.old... she does have a tough time with it but if she turns it side ways she can shoot it on her on.. it is safe but still of course watch your kids with it.. The foam arrows can hurt if your hit with them like any toy.. I think if you let anyone younger then 6 years old play with it.. just make sure they ask for help..

  • Where can you get replacement bungees?

    On amazon

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