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Bundle includes Z10 Inch dobsonian telescope, 16mm Z100 degree eyepiece, 2" polarizing filter, and 2" sky-glow filter.

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Telescopes Zhumell Z10 Deluxe Dobsonian Ultimate Telescope Bundle $580.01

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Strong construction

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Quality lens

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Easy to use

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Affordable price for what is included

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Heavy at 60 lbs

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No directions included in packaging and must be found online

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AA batteries are not included

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The Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian Telescope Bundle comes equipped with Z10 Dobsonian telescope, 16mm Z100 degree eyepiece, 2” Polarizing filter, and 2” sky-glow filter. The Z100 lens provides 100 Degree Apparent Field of View for a "space-walk" feeling. The 10" aperture lens captures light for clear and long-range viewing when used in conjunction with the two included eyepieces.

The Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian Telescope Bundle comes standard with a primary cooling fan to prevent the lens from fogging up during long-range viewing. The adjustable azimuth bearing system maintains operation of the telescope when tracking objects. The Crayford focuser allows for easy adjustments while the laser collimator ensures rapid, accurate optical alignment.

Compared with the Zhumell Z12 Dobsonian Telescope Bundle, the Z12 comes equipped with a 12" aperture lens to capture more light than the Z10 10" aperture lens. Both telescope bundles include two eyepieces (32mm and 9mm). Slightly larger than the Z10, the Z12 weighs in at 75 lbs compared to the 60lb weight of the Z10. The Z12 is a more ideal choice for the enthusiast and is less beginner-friendly than the Z10. 

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  • 10-inch aperture captures substantial light
  • 2-inch, dual-speed Crayford focus
  • Primary mirror cooling fan to prevent fog
  • New adjustable azimuth bearing system
  • Laser collimator for rapid optical alignment
  • 9mm and 32 mm eyepieces
  • Three year warranty
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What's included

  • Zhumell Z10 Inch Dobsonian Telescope
  • 9mm 1.25" format eyepiece
  • 2" dual-speed Crayford focus
  • 10" aperture lens
  • Laser Collimator
  • Adjustable Azimuth Bearing System
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