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Connects a digital camera to your optical equipment. It works with eyepieces having an outside diameter of 28mm to 45mm.

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Binoculars Zhumell Universal Digiscoping Adapter - Small $29.98

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Perfect for those who would like to try digiscoping or to use a digital camera for astrophotography, the Zhumell small universal digital camera adapter provides an inexpensive way to connect a digital camera to your optical equipment. It works with eyepieces having an outside diameter of 28mm to 45mm.
Using the tripod screw receptacle on the bottom of your camera and the eyepiece on your optical equipment, the universal digital camera adapter is versatile enough to work with nearly any combination of camera and optical equipment. Unlike other designs, the Zhumell camera adapter allows for both horizontal and vertical adjustment of the camera platform so you can line the lens of your camera up with the eyepiece of your spotting scope of telescope.

Simply clamp the adapter onto the eyepiece of your optical equipment and line up the lenses. You will quickly be on your way to great digiscoping shots!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i take pictures that i see through my dobsonian telescope?

    It's pretty tough to take pictures through a Dobsonian telescope. The scope's altazimuth mount and lack of an automated tracking device put long-exposure astrophotography out of reach. With a device like the Zhumell Universal T-Adapter and a T-ring made specifically for your brand of camera (plus the camera, of course), you might be able to snap a picture or two, but you'd have to point the scope first, take the eyepiece out, slip in the T-adapter/t-ring and camera, then shoot. It'd be almost impossible not to move the scope in the process, ruining your picture. One thing you COULD do is utilize a device like the Zhumell Digital Eyepiece. It would transmit what the scope "sees" to a laptop or PC, where it could be stored as still images or captured as live video. Here's the URL for the Digital Eyepiece; just paste it into your browser's address window:

  • Does this work with the Celestron Powerseeker 127 EQ Telescope?

    Yes, you can use this in conjunction with your telescope for astrophotography with your compact camera.

  • Will this work with my Canon PowerShot A480?

    Yes, you'll be able to connect your Canon PowerShot A480 to this adapter.

  • What size camera will work with this mount?

    Any small/medium sized digital camera will connect to this mount, allowing you to focus it into your telescope.

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  • Connects digital camera to optical equipment
  • Works with eyepieces of 28mm to 45mm
  • Allows for horizontal & vertical camera adjustment
  • Perfect for digiscoping & astrophotography
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