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It supports up to seven cooling fans, and includes on at the front, top, side, and rear of the unit.

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built in fan control

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comes with 3 120mm fans

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built in temperature sensor and display

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4 usb connections on the front

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good thermal design - PSU is mounted at the bottom of the case, good cable management options

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easy cable management behind the motherboard

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support for graphics cards up to 11.4" long

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extremely good value

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dust filters over intakes - keeps your components clean

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extremely easy to install components

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liquid cooling capable

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led fans can be distracting when used as a home theater pc in a dark room

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The Z9 Plus is a desktop computer mid tower case, with a design intended to maximize cooling, and enough interior room to install a 290mm card.  It supports up to seven cooling fans, and includes on at the front, top, side, and rear of the unit.  Like the Z9 case, it features the ability to water cool your unit, viz two tube apertures at the back of the case.  However the Z9 includes only two cooling fans, with the option to install more on the back and front of the unit.  Also, the Z9 plus has a 2-channel fan controller for adjusting the system temperature, and LED temperature display to monitor the system.  This provides better control over system temperature than the Z9 allows, and helps the user to maintain high system performance.

  • Front Mesh Cover to Maximize Cooling
  • Separate Apertures for Convenient CPU Cooler Installation
  • Bottom PSU Installation and Aperture for Cables Maximizes Interior Space
  • Tool-Free HDD Mount Trays with Anti-Vibration Rubber
  • Front I/O Module Allows Components to be Changed Easily
  • Front and Bottom Dust Filters
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 3 Blue LED Fans
  • Black Interior Coating
Post Review
03/22/2011 11:15

So I ended up ordering this last night from NCIX. My original list included a #zalman_z9_plus case but I opted for the #antec_two_hundred instead. Reasons for switching is that it's $30 less, doesn't have the annoying LED lights, and is a simpler aesthetic design that will blend in better with my TV room.

Overall I have to say that my experience so far with NCIX was pretty amazing. Shipping is free and I was able to shave another $20 off the price by doing two price matches.

So before the $50 building fee my total was a cool $434.

After taxes, basic shipping insurance and an electronics recycling fee it all came out to $560.

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