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Scooters are an economical and fashionable method of transportation.

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Great vintage style

23 agree

Excellent fuel economy

15 agree

Fun to ride

15 agree

Large storage area under the seat.

9 agree

Kick and electric start

9 agree

Faster than most small scooters from the factory

4 agree

Cheaper than Zuma 125

4 agree

Faster than most scooters

3 agree

fun to get around on, but a little slow.

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Small gas tank, only 1.2 gallons

9 agree

Not freeway legal

7 agree

Can't fit 2 people comfortably

6 agree

Requires motorcycle license in many states

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stalling issues at top speed dealer could not fix.

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Kick start doesn't work

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Scooters are an economical and fashionable method of transportation that don't have the same insurance liabilities that full on motorcycles carry. Yamaha, one of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers, is also a leading manufacturer of scooters. For the Vino Yamaha has gone with a more retro style.

Powering the scooter is a 124cc 2-valve engine. Cooling is accomplished by forced air flow with fans kicking in if necessary to keep the temperatures under control. The transmission is fully automatic requiring no actions to shift gears. Yamaha has included an electric starting mechanism removing the need for a kickstart, however kickstart capability is still included as a backup.

There are both a 2006, and 2007 version of the Vino with few differences between the two.

As of 2009, the Yamaha Vino 125 costs $2899.00 MSRP.

Post Review
04/30/2013 01:40

Yamaha's scooters are mostly used nowadays. Many people say that Yamaha provides good quality. Almost in every country young generation is driving a scooter.

11/15/2008 05:25

I sold mine Vino for a large displacement scooter Vespa GTS 250 (best scooter made!) even though I did not want to sell it I would not be riding it as often as I am riding my Vespa..

09/05/2008 05:18

We love our Vino 125. It's reliable, it has a high top speed, although it takes a while to get up to top speed. It's also awesome looking with chrome!

05/28/2008 06:26

Waaaaaayyyy better than my 2005 vespa (NOT reliable!), which I sold in favor of this!

Diamond Geezer
05/26/2008 02:37

69mph on the flat?? If so that's impressive. As for the fuel consumption, it's not surprising since air resistance rises roughly with the cube of the speed. Reducing from 55 to 50 drops your air resistance by 25% ! If you slow down more than this, you also have to remember that engines are at their most efficient with the throttle wide open, so the gains are not as large as air resistance alone would lead you to think.

05/25/2008 09:50

Hey, check this out. When driving my Vino 125 at full throttle ( 55-60 mph ), I'm getting @ 72 mpg. I then experimented by keeping it between 45-50 mph for a whole tank , and saw my fuel efficiency jump to @ 93 mpg! This is a tremendous jump for just a little reduction in cruising speed. I am 6' 0", 190lbs. Oh, and for the record, I've touched 69mph once.

07/07/2007 10:24

I am in love with my Vino 125. The 125cc size is enough for 50MPH, even with my large body on it, and 50MPH gets me around town easily with no issues. Since I've gotten my Vino, I've hardly used my car at all. Averaging around 75MPG and loving it.

06/08/2007 02:49

I had a Scooter about 5 years ago, a Vespa. IT was a nightmare. They never could get it right, and I had to sell it as a big loss. But I am now in the situation of looking at getting another Scooter to get me around. This Vino 125 is one that I am looking over. The Italian scoots are nice, but I wonder about the reliability of them for everyday use. I guess its just the bad luck that I had with the Vespa that hits me the wrong way. I seem to like the price of the Vino 125 VS what you get. But I have looked over the service manual, and this scooter seems to like it could get expensive to keep serviced. But maybe they all are like that, I have no idea. But the Yamaha reliability should be worth the extra trouble of getting it serviced I suppose.

06/05/2007 11:45

I had been eyeing one of these for awhile now - but you now need separate licensing in Ontario to drive a scooter >_

04/30/2007 10:20

Although it's not freeway legal and I really don't think you could comfortably fit 2 people on it, the Vino is great, with excellent gas mileage (~70mpg). I get ~2 people a week either asking about it or liking the style. Although I'm married, I can see it being a great ice breaker for the dating crowd!!!

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