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The Yamaha BD-S1900 is a high end Blu-Ray player.

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build quality looks good, feels solid

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audio output is clear and distortion-free, better if you have a separate sound system

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images are prone to blocky pixalization, especially when things move quickly

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can take up to 3 minutes to load a Blu-ray disc

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response to the remote is sluggish

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takes a very long time to boot up and open the drawer

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BD-Live feature is unreliable, fails to load the content much of the time

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The Yamaha BD-S1900 is a high end Blu-Ray player. It is similar in design and video quality to the Yamaha BD-S1065, but has a number of enhancements for audio. A full 7.1 channel output is integrated, and the output terminals themselves are gold-plated for increased conductivity. When listening to a CD, a Pure Direct function is available for high sound quality playback through an analog audio output. While full 1080p is supported through an HDMI port, a serial output is also available for other display types. This player supports Dolby TRUE HD, supplying precise audio output exactly as originally mastered. Online content through BD-Live is also supported, and Bonus View allows content imported from an SD card to be played.

  • Blu-Ray, DVD, VCD, CD
  • 1080p/24Hz-compatible HDMI video output
  • 7.1 multi-channel out
  • Pure Direct for high sound quality CD playback through analog audio output
  • Aluminum front panel
  • Terminal for detachable power cable
  • Gold-plated output terminals
  • x.v.Color and Deep Color compatibility
  • 1080p playback for DVDs, photos and personal video data
  • 192 kHz / 24 bit audio DAC
  • Dolby TRUE HD
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • BD-Live
  • Bonus View
  • HDMI
  • JPEG
  • RS-232C Port
  • IR In/Out ports
  • Dynamic Range Compression
  • 3 dimmer modes
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