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The Yamaha TSX-140 is a micro shelf system featuring an integrated iPod / iPhone (3G/3GS/4) docking station.

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clock is bright or dim depending on the lighting, won't keep you up at night

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AUX port can take input from almost anything, pretty versatile

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buttons are lit up in the dark, easy to find what you're looking for

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sound quality that's perfect for a broad variety of music styles

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bass support is detailed and clear

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good expansion of compressed audio, gaps in the sound seem filled out

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never gets overly loud, not much volume available

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The Yamaha TSX-140 is a micro shelf system featuring an integrated iPod / iPhone (3G/3GS/4) docking station that charges and plays iPods. Available in black, gray, and brown, this system features an IntelliAlarm functionality wherein users are awoken by a gradual rise in volume—meaning that by the time the big buzz arrives, the user’s brain is alert enough that the user won’t feel a need to hit the snooze button. Also included is a USB port for syncing to a PC or playing MP3 and WMA files from a flash drive, an integrated AM/FM tuner, and two 3-1/2” bass reflex speakers.

  • Micro Shelf System
  • iPod/iPhone Dock
  • iPod/iPhone Charging, Playing, Syncing
  • Dual Ported Bass Reflex Speakers
  • Yamaha Digital Amplifiers
  • Integrated AM/FM Radio
  • Concert Quality Sound
  • Extended Stereo
  • Illuminated Buttons
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Radio Presets
  • Alarm Clock
  • Equalizer
  • Brightness Sensor
  • USB/Auxiliary Inputs
Model Variations
  • Yamaha TSX-140BL | Black
  • Yamaha TSX-140GY | Gray
  • Yamaha TSX-140BR | Brown
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02/25/2011 10:05

Booker i want to buy one of these tsx-140's or an internet clock radio, Did you have a chance to test the AM reception? I live 90 miles from NY and the only radio I have that pulls in NY stations is in my car. If I can get it under 350 I will go for it.

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