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The Yamaha MCR-040 is a high end shelf radio.

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plays music from iPod/iPhone/iTouch

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very good sound quality

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sleep timer

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plays music from USB drives

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speakers can be positioned (not attached to the unit)

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plays music from CD-R/CD-RW

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bass, treble, balance controls (via remote control)

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plays music from an external (portable) unit

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solid construction/feel

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remote control

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alarm/wake-up timer

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Metal finish

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in OFF/STANDBY mode no indicators of any kind show on the display (eg clock)

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one voltage source only (eg either on 110V or 220V but cannot be used on both)

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No Am Radio

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The Yamaha MCR-040 is a high end shelf radio. It is similar to the MCR-140, but the iPod connects in this case using a dock rather than wirelessly. Full iPod control is available through the front panel or through the included remote control. Advanced YST coordinates the speaker and amp to create a perfectly linear motion, which translates into 4 inch 15 watt speakers that have a much more powerful sound than normal. A USB port and mini jack are available for external media playback, and there is also a CD player and FM tuner. A clock timer with sleep function is integrated.

  • CD Player
  • FM Radio
  • Made for iPod
  • USB port
  • Mini jack input
  • Advanced YST (Yamaha Active Servo Technology)
  • CD Text Display
  • Remote control
  • Clock timer, sleep timer
  • 2 4 in detachable 15 W speakers
Color Options
  • MCR-040OR (Orange)
  • MCR-040LBU (Light Blue)
  • MCR-040WH (White)
  • MCR-040RE (Red)
  • MCR-040LG (Light Gray)
  • MCR-040PI (Pink)
  • MCR-040GN (Dark Green)
  • MCR-040DBU (Dark Blue)
  • MCR-040BR (Brown)
  • MCR-040DG (Dark Gray)
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Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha
01/07/2012 05:53

The fact that "In OFF/STANDBY mode no indicators of any kind show on the display (eg clock)" is a PRO in my humble opinion as I use it in my sleeping room. Maybe I'm to picky but clock lights disturb my sleep and the absence of one in this device is very welcomed.

Gary Gunn
03/25/2011 02:33

How many CD's does it hold?



09/19/2011 09:52

Just one.

02/11/2011 08:40

Can you skip songs or tune the radio from the unit rather than just the remote control as I can not seem to do this and if not I would find this highly annoying as the remotes in a house with multiple children often walk!



11/08/2011 01:41

No, there is no forward or backward (skip) buttons on the unit -- only on the remote. This was a deal-breaker for me too, with two little kids in the house, they know how to click to their favorite songs on our old unit. Using a remote for this (easily lost) would be a disaster. Come to think of it, I rarely use a remote for music, so I would hate it too. If it weren't for this, I would probably buy this stereo.

07/06/2010 12:00

I wish I could rate this unit separately based on sound quality and functionality. Sound quality would be a definite five star, but a tad of a design/functionality flaw I'd rate it 3.

The sound quality of the unit is absolutely amazing! Such a tiny thing producing such awsome sound! One of the nice things about it is that you can move the speakers away from the unit. This way the stereo sound is even more enjoyable, and more pronounced. It has a very nice, deep bass, and clear highs. However, you can customize it to your liking, because it has adjustable, bass, treble, and balance controls. You can also dim the display panel - if you wish.

It stores 30 FM preset radio stations. Comes with an FM wire antenna that you can conveniently plug in at the back of the unit. It does not have AM reception - in case you wonder.

As you prolly read from the details by now, it plays MP3 and WMA sounds/music from CD-R/CD-RW discs, USB flash drives, iPhone/iTouch/iPods, and from an external/portable source. Unfortunately it does not read songs/MP3s stored on DVDs only CD-R/CD-RWs. If you plug in an iTouch/iPod, you can navigate it via the remote control. Eg, you can scroll the songs up/down, you can navigate outside/inside to a different folder/category/play list etc. The LCD display can display the playing time, remaining time, artist name, song name, album name.

It does have an alarm that you can set to wake up to your iPod/iPhone/iTouch, CD, radio or USB drive. It also have a sleep function.

Now here is the bad part, or should I say, inconvenient part. When you turn the unit off, it does not display ANYTHING on its display panel. It means that if you have set an alarm you will not know it because you'll be staring at a blank display. If you have an alarm set and the unit is ON, it will display an indicator that you have a timer set. Also, if the unit is off, it does not display the time either. As a matter of fact, even if the unit is on, it only displays the time when you hold the "DISPLAY" button on the remote for 2 seconds, and even then, the time will be displayed for only a second or two, and then it will switch back to display info about the currently playing media. So this is a disappointing reality.

I think this is the only thing about this unit that is annoying. If the unit incorporates a wake up timer and a sleep timer function (not to mention a clock), why on earth I am not able to see it or have it displayed when the unit is off!? This design flaw is a definite three star (or less)!

(Also just as a comment, you can use it only on one voltage setting. Eg, if you bought it in the states (110V) but plan to move or use it in Europe for whatever reason (220V) it won't work.)

Otherwise it's a great little unit that provides very good sound quality.



01/09/2011 10:49

To answer your question, because your always suppose to leave it turned on.

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