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The Yamaha YSP-900 is a virtual surround system designed to simulate a 5-speaker surround sound in a single unit.

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Effective at creating a virtual surround experience

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Includes amplifiers, eliminating the need for a separate amp or receiver

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Automatically adjusts to your room using included mic

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Various sound modes (5-beam, stereo, 3-beam, single focus point)

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Simulates surround system in a single unit

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Is a surround sound system in one unit

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Can connect to a separate subwoofer to enhance bass response

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Isn't a substitute for a true surround system with 5 real speakers

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Lacks bass response

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Quality of surround sound effect depends largely on the shape of the room.

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The Yamaha YSP-900 is a virtual surround system designed to simulate a 5-speaker surround sound in a single unit. The YSP-900 features 21 x 1-5/8" speakers called "beam drivers", each driven by individual 2 Watt digital amplifiers, and 2 x 3-5/16" mid-range woofers powered by 20 Watt amplifiers. Each beam driver emits highly directional sound, that is automatically positioned and equalized to focus sound and bounce it off of walls in your listening area to make seem as if there are up to 5 speakers arranged around the listener. Yamaha calls this technology IntelliBeam and is automatically calibrated to any size, shape, and construction of room. The YSP-900 is designed to be position below 32" televisions specifically and retails for around $900. It is now available online and in-store.

  • Simulates 5 surround speakers using IntelliBeam technology
  • Total Power: 82 Watts
  • 21 x 1-5/8" beam drivers; 2 Watts digital amplifier per speaker
  • 2 x 3-5/16" mid-range speakers driven by 20 Watt amplifiers
  • Automatically calibrated using included microphone
  • Audio inputs: 2 x digital optical S/PDIF, 1 x digital optical
  • Sub-woofer output
  • Surround modes: DTS Digital Surround (5.1), Dolby Pro Logic II
  • SRS TruBass technology uses harmonics to simulate deeper bass frequencies
  • Price: $900
Intellibeam modes
  • 5-beam mode: simulates 5 speakers (center, front left/right, surround left/right)
  • Stereo mode: simulates front stereo (front left/right); directly beamed to listener
  • 3-beam mode: simulates stereo (reflected off wall) + center channel
  • Stereo + 3-beam mode: direct stereo + center channel + reflected surround
  • My beam mode: all sound focused directly to a single point for one listener
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