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Yamaha RH10MS S-Logic Surround Sound Headphones carry on a Yamaha audio tradition.

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Best Sound for the price

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S-Logic Design

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Bendable head strap

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Great all around sound

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40mm Neodymium Mylar driver

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rotating earpieces are also good for listening to one ear at a time.

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Can be compacted to take up little space-for over ear type phones

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Could be better for the price

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Yamaha RH10MS S-Logic Surround Sound Headphones carry on a Yamaha audio tradition. These studio monitors have been the industry standard for their signature sound, accuracy, and classic silhouette for over two decades. Yamaha's S-Logic studio headphones are built to carry on that legacy.

S-Logic takes advantage of the natural acoustics of the listener's ear by sending sound around the listener's head and off the surface of the ear canal. This delivers a more spacious sound stage without relying on tricks like artificial echo or digital processing, ensuring the monitor's accuracy.



-S-logic 3 Dimensional Surround Sound

-Ergonomic design for extended wear

-Accurate reproduction of digital music

-1/8" plug with 1/4" adaptor included

-Velour storage pouch included

-3 meter cord

-Compatible with all audio devices

-Equipped with 1/8" plug and 1/4" adapto

-Frequency Response 18 Hz - 21kHz

-Sensitivity 96 dB/mW

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02/24/2010 03:11

I used these for a few weeks last year. They are rather comfortable, and I can wear them for extended periods... but perhaps not as long as my Ultrasone Pro750's but longer than most.

They have great sound. They are Flat so they are great for mixing in a pinch. Some people may wish there to be a little more Punch. But i think that may be attributed to the S-logic design. Bass is as deep, but you 'feel' it less. You may be inclined to turn it up more or adjust your EQ a little on the low end. Once you do this i think you'll be quite happy with these.

For the Price and the Sound-AND ability to listen for extended periods-they are totally worth it.

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