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The RX-V871 is an audio/video receiver from the Yamaha company.

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works well with a wide range of speaker configurations, can just use whatever you have handy

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network functionality streams consistently, good compatibility with PCs and a wide range of filetypes

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CinemaDSP does a great job providing a sense of space from a pair of speakers

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microphone calibration does a great job automatically balancing the speakers

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setup is much easier than on most receivers, pretty straight forward

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menus are intuitive and easy to navigate

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integrates a large number of Internet radio stations to listen to

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bi-amp implementation doesn't work right, not good for people with an external amp

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The RX-V871 is an audio/video receiver from the Yamaha company. Incorporating a host of modern technologies, this model features 7.2 audio channels at 110 watts each for powerful home theatre entertainment. Full Network capability enables seamless integration into the user's home internet network, with native Windows 7 support and DLNA technology providing wireless streaming throughout the house. Pandora, Sirius XM, Napster and Rhapsody radio services are fully supported as well, with pre-configured settings built into the receiver's display for configuring personalized station and EQ settings. The RX-V871 also features 3D HDMI outputting, with two separate ports provided for pass-through of compatible Blu-Ray, video game and broadcast content. Dolby's TrueHD decoding technology helps to provide maximum-quality lossless audio through bit-for-bit processing, while DTS HD Master Audio is available specifically for decoding of DVD and Blu-Ray disc movies. External audio content from an Apple iDevice can be ported directly into the receiver through a single USB 2.0 port, complete with bus-powered charging and dedicated iPod audio controls for simple navigation. Apple users also have access to the AV Controller App, a virtual remote peripheral available on the iTunes store that offers full unit configuration from within the iOS interface.   

  • Gloss black aesthetic
  • 7.2-channel audio outputting 
  • 3D HDMI connectivity 
  • Dolby TrueHD audio decoding 
  • DTS HD Master Audio technology
  • Controller app peripheral for iOS/Android devices
  • 1080p HD video upscaling
  • 8 standard HDMI inputs
  • DLNA certification 
  • Windows 7 compatible 
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