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A mid-range Yamaha A/V receiver loaded with features available in much higher end models.

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iPod and XM compatibility

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Multi-zone/multi-source audio (3 independent zones)

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Component video switching (3 inputs)

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Excellent value (high quality, great features for a great price)

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Great surround enhancement modes

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Upconverts S-Video, composite video inputs to component output (simplifies switching)

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High quality components (Burr-Brown DACs )

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Exceeds amplifier power ratings (> 100W / channel)

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Automatic speaker calibration with Yamaha's YPAO PEQ

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No HDMI inputs or outputs

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Requires extra accessories for iPod and XM to work

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Volume displayed as a bar graph instead of typical dB

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A mid-range Yamaha A/V receiver loaded with features available in much higher end models. For around $400 (originally retailed for $549) you get a 100W, 7.1 channel surround receiver with component video switching, iPod/XM connectivity, and three zone audio capabilities. The RX-V659 is built with quality Burr-Brown DAC components, and can exceed its rating of 100W of surround power.

The Yamaha RX-V659 includes 3 component, and 4 composite/S-Video inputs, each of which are output on the component video output making video switching much simpler. Switching from a component audio/video source to a composite source can be done with a single button press on the receiver as compared to switching your audio and video independently. The component video bandwidth is an acceptable 60 MHz (HDTV requires at least 30 MHz).

The RX-V659 supports up to 7 channels including 3 digital optical, and 2 digital coax inputs. Yamaha has included a digital optical out, and a set of front inputs including RCA audio, composite video, S-Video, and digital optical. There is also a single Phono  input allowing you to connect the receiver to a turntable. Rounding out it's I/O feature set includes XM and iPod connectivity. However, to connect either of these devices, you'll need to buy additional accessories. The RX-V659 supports XM HD Surround allowing you to listen to digital radio in 5.1 surround.

Speakers are connected using the binding post contacts and the receiver includes an impedance switch selectable to either 4 or 8 Ohm (this review recommends only to use 8 Ohm).

The RX-V659 includes multi-source/multi-zone audio allowing you to deliver any combinatio of up to three independent sources of audio to different zones or rooms. It weighs approximately 27 pounds and includes an on-screen display (OSD).

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04/03/2007 02:34

I think this is one of (if not) the best value A/V receivers on the market. I really want this because I have 3 component, and 2 S-Video sources that I want to switch without messing around with my TVs video source settings. It looks like it has great audio components as well. I was recommended this receiver on AVS Forum.

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