The RX-V596 is a high-end audio/video receiver from the Yamaha company.

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The RX-V596 is a high-end audio/video receiver from the Yamaha company that is designed to be used in conjunction with speakers and subwoofers for high-quality home theater entertainment systems. Utilizing a five-channel design with 100-watts available per output, this model model incorporates a number of "natural sound" technologies that help to achieve the highest possible quality audio signals. These include Dolby Digital and DTS (Digital Theater Systems) decoding systems, as well as Dolby Pro Logic and Yamaha's DSP processors that include Cinema and Tri-field settings for an optimal audio experience. The DTS technology functions as a 5.1 system, handling content from common formats such as DVDs, CDs and other user-created laser discs. 24-bit digital-to-analog signal conversion ensures maximum potential quality from all possible inputs, and working with the unit's discrete power transistors to provide a clean, unhindered signal. Full-channel separation is achieved via Yamaha's IC chips, preventing front-to-back surround sound bleed for a richer, more authentic home theater experience. The RX-V596 comes pre-loaded with 24 sound program presets that can be further customized with the help of the included universal remote control, with AM/FM radio functionality allowing for up to 40 user-created presets. A/B speaker switching makes multi-system setup possible with one-button toggling, and low impedance drive switching makes the receiver functional with almost all standalone speaker and subwoofer models on the market. In addition, the unit features a sleep timer function for late-night energy conservation, programmable in half-hour increments up to two hours. 

  •  5-channel 100W output
  • Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Dolby Pro Logic processing technology
  • DTS 5.1 encoding technology
  • Tri-field cinema DSP processing
  • Power transistors
  • Digital-to-analog signal conversion
  • 23 sound programs
  • 3 audio and S-video inputs
  • 2 S-video outputs
  • Universal remote control
  • Low impedance drive with switching capabilities
  • AM/FM radio tuner
Post Review
William Slater
05/03/2012 10:35

what # attachment wire/cable do I use to get hd signal from an hd station on this receiver?

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