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The Yamaha RX-V361, also known as the Yamaha HTR-6030, is part of Yamaha's 2007 lineup of A/V receivers.

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Great value receiver - component switching, surround sound

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Performs component video switching

7 agree

Second zone stereo front outputs - selectable

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A lot of customization

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No HDMI connectivity

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Obscure menu interface

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Only two binding post connectors - the rest are spring-clip

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HDMI connections are for Video ONLY

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Not very powerful

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Cluttered remote

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The Yamaha RX-V361, also known as the Yamaha HTR-6030, is part of Yamaha's 2007 lineup of A/V receivers and acts as the entry level offering and is the least expensive Yamaha receiver for the year. The RX-V361 is capable of handling the basic tasks of a modern digital receiver, it can accept digital audio from its 2 optical inputs, or single coax input and decode the signal to drive 5 independent speakers and a subwoofer. Video switching is also included with 3 component inputs driving one component output, and 5 composite/S-Video inputs driving the composite output.

  • 5.1 channel receiver
  • 100W x 5 RMS output power
  • inputs: 3 x Component, 2x S/PDIF audio, 1 x digital audio, 5 x S-Video/RCA
  • outputs: 1 x Component, 1 x S-Video/RCA
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic 2 support
  • Special XM Satellite support with dedicated input

There are a variety of audio modes that have various effects on the resulting output that are suited for different kinds of sources. Movie, music, and game mode are all obvious in their intentions, alongside some more specialized modes. Beyond the presets a variety of options can be further customized such as a boosting or lowering of independent speaker levels compared to the total.

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12/17/2007 09:52

The whole naming convention thing by Yamaha leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There is speculation that this RX-V361 and HTR-6030 are the same receiver and the only reason they have different model numbers is so that big box stores and specialty stores can't price match. You'll find the HTR-6030 at the big stores, and the RX-V361 and the specialty stores.

That aside, this receiver is a great bargain for those looking for a simple upgrade to their home theater. With all the fuss around HDMI, the RX-V361 is noticeably missing that functionality, but because of that omission it comes in at a great price. If you have 2-3 component video devices (Xbox 360, HD PVR, DVD player) and want a budget home theater, then this receiver will suit you just fine. HDMI is fantastic, but don't buy into the hype without knowing what you're getting into.

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