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This model was considered the Flagship model for Yamaha (not including the Z) .

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auto setup saves a lot of work, takes the guess-work out of tuning

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remote control will take care of a wide range of devices

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manual is well written and understandable

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GUI is easy to work with and well organized

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can be turned way up and put through its paces, won't suffer damage

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auto equalization will account for the room's acoustics automatically

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key placement on the remote is awkward for DVR functions

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This model was considered the Flagship model for Yamaha (not including the Z). The AV receiver has all the bells and whiles including network functionality. Stream music from your computer or station from the web. It also utilizes Anchor Bay Technologies' ABT1010 for upscaling video. For the most part, this piece has the same features as the $600 cheaper Yamaha HTR-6090.  One new feature that seems to account for the price increase is Network Receiver function (in addition to the extra power in per channel: 140 Watts per channel). The ABT (Anchor Bay Technologies) ABT1010 scaler engine can independently scale an image horizontally and vertically to further improve the picture quality on high resolution displays (to 1080i/720p with HDMI output).

  • Subscription required to receive XM
  • 7-channel powerful surround sound at 140 watts per channel
  • ABT1010 video scaler
  • Digital media streaming
    • stream networked media
      • Windows Media Connect
      • Codecs: MP3, WMA, WAV
      • Yamaha MusicCAST home music server
    • Internet radio streaming
    • USB audio playback
  • Digital ToP-ART with superior audio-grade parts and devices used throughoutPure Direct for higher fidelity sound reproduction - special receiver mode that causes the signal to bypass all but the most basic audio circuitry, and even turns off the display to prevent any chance of noise interference
  • 3 in/1 out HDMI (ver. 1.2a) for handling digital signals including Super Audio CD
  • iPod compatible, compressed music enhancer, neural surround, XM HD surround, XM satellite radio ready.
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