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The RX-497 is the middle model in the RX stereo receiver line Yamaha released in mid 2006.

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phono input

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can driver almost any speakers to very loud levels

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stereo only - ideal for music lovers and minimalists who are uninterested in paying for 5.1+

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can send signals directly to the amp, bypassing the preamp, for great sounding LPs

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setup is easy for non-technical users

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signals are very clear and undistorted

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impressive performance

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remote is versatile and feature-rich, don't have to deal with sub-menus

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built-in AM/FM tuner

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attractive aesthetic

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affordable price point

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front panel is intuitive and easy to use

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built with heavy duty components, able to handle heavy loads and some abuse without a problem

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great build quality

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stereo amplifier only - not good for those interested in home theater / eventually upgrading to 5.1+

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XM radio setup is tricky, need to look up how to get it right and ensure the proper components are being used

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The RX-497 is the middle model in the RX stereo receiver line Yamaha released in mid 2006. The RX-497 is capable of outputting 75 watts of power per speaker channel. This receiver also provides an extended frequency response range of 10Hz to 50Hz, enabling the use of high quality sound sources such as SACD and DVD-Audio. Yamaha has integrated “Pure Direct” technology into the RX-497, which has been designed to optionally bypass unwanted treble and base alterations, therefore improving overall sound quality. For users with more than one set of stereo speakers, the “Multi-Zone Control” feature allows for two sources of audio (plugged into the receiver) two be used in two separate rooms. This unit is XM Satellite Radio ready (tuner purchased separately) and includes 40 AM/FM radio presets. The RX-497 has five audio inputs with composite video, subwoofer output, plus a phono input for connecting a turntable. A remote control is included.

  • Output power: 75w x 2
  • Extended frequency response range: 10Hz to 50Hz
  • Pure Direct switch
  • XM Satellite Radio ready/40-station preset AM-FM tuning
  • Motor-driven remote controllable master volume control
  • 5 audio/video input terminals, subwoofer output, phono input
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • Impedance selector (8 ohms/4ohms)
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