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Yamaha High Quality, Durable And Incredible Sounding Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver, Blk.

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The high sound quality and sophisticated design of the R-S201 is based on Yamaha’s rich experience in high-end model concepts. This Hi-Fi receiver is great for enjoying excellent sound.

The R-S201 was created by taking advantage of this rich experience and high technological expertise. Based on the concept of “Natural Sound", for reproducing all music as it really sounds and built with scrupulous care from circuit design to basic sound production, even though an entry model it reproduces high sound quality and musically rich sound.

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  • Yamaha high sound quality, created by rich experience and tradition and high technological expertise
  • 40 station FM/AM preset tuning
  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Speaker selector and speaker terminals for two systems
  • Simple design remote control
  • Head phone terminal
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100 W x 2 High Output Power* and High Sound Quality Circuit Design

The R-S201, with 100 W* x 2 high drive power that's above its class, has a high sound quality design that minimizes the length of signal routes and optimizes the circuit layout. Positioning the power transformer near the power amp circuit reduces power loss while improving peak power supply capacity to enable high volume output. The signal ground and power supply ground are connected at one point, eliminating mutual interference to achieve a higher S/N ratio. The result is sound filled with clarity and a feeling of openness. 

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40 Station AM/FM Preset Tuning

You can register up to 40 total FM and AM stations that you often listen to, then conveniently select them from either the receiver or the remote control. Auto preset lets you automatically search for and register FM stations that can be received in your area. Frequencies appear on the display, so even when you want to listen to a new station, you can easily tune to its frequency.

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Simple and Sophisticated Design

The R-S201 inherits the simple and sophisticated design style that Yamaha Hi-Fi audio is famous for. With an elegant hair line finish, it harmonizes beautifully with other Hi-Fi audio equipment. The operating buttons and volume knobs also show our commitment to simplicity and ease of use.

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Speaker Selector and Speaker Terminals for Two Systems

Equipped with speaker terminals for two systems, this receiver lets you can connect two sets of speakers. The speaker selector makes it easy to switch between speaker outputs, allowing you to hear the sound from one speaker system (A or B) or from both (A+B).

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Power Saving

A power management function automatically cuts off the power (switches to standby mode) when the receiver has not been operated for a long time. It can be set to two, four, eight or 12 hours, or off. In addition, power consumption during standby is only 0.5 W, achieving good energy saving performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this unit work on 220 volt in Europe as well?

    It appears that there are European and other international models of the RS201 that are 220V compatible but the North American model is not.

  • How many watts shoud speakers be?

    Usually most people will tell you to use a speaker that is 150% to 200% the RMS rating of the speaker. This will insure that the speaker can handle any peaks and variables caused by distortion or just the dynamics of the sound being reproduced. So a 60 watt RMS amp should have speakers with at least 90 watt peaks capability but you are better off with 120 watt peak or higher. Like others said wattage doesn't equal volume, at least not alone. The sensitivity of the speaker with a few other things play part in that, the higher the db rating in sensitivity the louder the speaker should be in theory anyway. Some companies list power handling in constant or continuous ratings, these ratings should at least match the RMS rating of your amp or be a little higher.

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