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Note: This product is essentially the same as the Yamaha RX-V663.

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extremely clear output, competes well with higher end receivers for detail and clarity

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capable of extremely loud output, can fill a larger room in the home

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video switching is fairly quick and easy

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channel separation is precise and creates a great surround effect

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decodes DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD well, output is true to studio recording

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runs extremely cool, doesn't need a lot of space for ventilation

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limited number of HDMI inputs available

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Note: This product is essentially the same as the Yamaha RX-V663. Yamaha uses the two numbering conventions for different retail channels.

The Yamaha HTR6160B receiver has all the newest and best features, and offers an unbeatable home theatre experience. Its 7.2 channels with support for the latest HD audio formats deliver the most immersive listening experience. And with HDMI switching with Full HD 1080p pass-through, you can enjoy any high definition device out there.

With 7.2-channel audio, you can connect 7 surround sound speakers and dual subwoofers for a listening experience akin to a full theatre setting. And, with support for DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD, the HTR6160B delivers sound that is clearer, rawer and more powerful than ever before.

It's also home to 1080p/24fps HDMI video switching, so you can connect two HDMI-enabled devices like a Blu-ray Disc player or an HD cable box, and easily switch between the two while the audio continues to pass through the receiver.

To top it off, it’s XM and Sirius Satellite Radio ready, has iPod and Bluetooth capability, improved YPAO, and four SCENE buttons.

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