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Yamaha HTR-6140 is a 5.1 channel home theatre receiver, also sold as RX-V463.

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On-Screen Display for setup and customization

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Cheapest Yamaha to support HDMI audio decoding.

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Universal remote.

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Adjustable audio delay for synching audio with HD TVs.

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Renamable inputs.

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affordable price

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stylish brushed metal faceplate

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No S-video inputs or outputs.

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Doesn't do upconversion of video signals.

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Does not support Dolby HD audio.

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No USB inputs and iPod connector is proprietary.

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Only 5.1 channel

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Yamaha HTR-6140 is a 5.1 channel home theatre receiver, also sold as RX-V463.  It's the most base model from Yamaha that provides HDMI repeater functionality and is one step up from the HTR-6130 which provides only HDMI video switching and audio pass-through only and one step down from the HTR-6150.

It's rated up to 105W per channel in all 5 main channels and supports decoding multi-channel audio from the two HDMI inputs or the two optical audio inputs or the single digital coax input.  The device has an on-screen display feature for speaker setup, input assignment and renaming, and scene macro programming.  The OSD is supported only on the composite video outputs (not the component or HDMI outputs).  There are no S-video inputs or outputs.

The 6140 comes with a universal programmable remote, AM and FM antennas, and a special microphone for Yamaha's automated speaker setup utility YPAO.  The YPAO utility automatically sets up the system for the speakers to which it's connected by playing test tones on each speaker and analyzing the audio detected by the microphone.

Speaker outputs are banana plug type for 5 main speakers, one powered sub-woofer, and one pair of secondary front speakers.

The unit supports pass-through of HDMI audio and video up to 1080p or decoding of HDMI audio in-unit but it does not support Dolby HD audio, for that you need to step up several model numbers.  It also supports switching between three component video inputs.  It does not provide up-conversion nor does it supports conversion between formats (HDMI outputs only to HDMI, component only to component, for instance you can not take a component input and output it on the HDMI output). There are also 3 composite video inputs and two composite video outputs.

The unit is Siruis and XM ready and has a port for the Yamaha-proprietary connector for iPod or Bluetooth adapters.

The international version has a switchable power supply, other versions including the North American one are set.

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