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The Yamaha HTR-6040 is a 5.1 channel x 100w digital home theater receiver.

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Unit is highly-durable and very well-built in general - black steel construction provides reliable protection, with rubber feet establishing a balanced, stable base

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Built-in surround sound modes provide a suitable option to custom tuning amongst inexperienced users - can be quickly toggled for previewing numerous presets quickly throughout a common audio format

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iPod dock is a major selling point - comfortably and reliably fits most iDevices within the cradle, with auxiliary input for other devices outside the form factor

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Excellent overall sound outputting - lives up to high-quality ""Yamaha" reputation through clear, powerful audio response with well-balanced frequencies and minimal sound coloration

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Fairly indistinguishable from the considerably less-expensive HTR-6030 model - users not requiring A/B speaker functionality should opt for the 6030

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Instruction manual is vague and seemingly incomplete - most users will be forced to seek additional help online, or potentially contract professional assistance

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Wire variety of sound customization options can be overwhelming for some users - requires a considerable amount of experimentation amongst those unfamiliar with audio properties

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The Yamaha HTR-6040 is a 5.1 channel x 100w digital home theater receiver. It's a step higher than the entry level $230 Yamaha HTR-6030 and retails at $350. This piece is "made for iPod" meaning with an optional cable users can connect their iPods to the receiver and listen to music, and even see photos and videos on the TV monitor through the system. It shares a lot of features with the lesser 6030 such as Dolby Digital Pro Logic II decoding, DTS surround sound, XM ready, XMHD surround sound, Neural sound, 6 channel inputs, Cinema DSP digital, Silent Cinema, compressed music enhancer and scene. One feature this piece has that the 6030 doesn't is is YPAO automatic system calibration, where the speaker uses a microphone to detect the surroundings, and calibrates its audio outputs accordingly.

  • 5 channels x 100 watts
  • Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital EX/ Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS 96/24 / DTS Neo:6.
  • iPod compatible, compressed music enhancer, neural surround, XM HD surround, XM satellite radio ready.
  • Cinema DSP digital, silent cinema, compressed music enhancer and scene
  • YPAO automatic system caliberation
  • Night listening enhancer
  • Onscreen display
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