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The HTR-5740 is a high-performance audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-up from the company's HTR-5660 model.

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can handle more difficult loads and includes an easy to use 4 ohm switch

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audio is full and rich through the lows, mids and highs - nothing falls short

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setup is simple enough for beginners, fairly plug-and-play

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sound field processor offers some great effects to make you feel like you're at different venues

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output is very loud, can fill a room with sound easily

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unable to handle proper amplification from an older record player

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parts of the manual need to be read a few times to understand them

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The HTR-5740 is a high-performance audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-up from the company's HTR-5660 model. Intended for use with other Yamaha home theater products, this model features a six-channel design with 100-watts per output. Cinema DSP Digital technology aims to provide the highest level of audio decoding possible, supporting formats including Dolby Digital standard and EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Digital Surround sound as well as DTS ES Matrix and Discrete 6.1 technologies. In conjunction with these formats, Yamaha's ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) design helps to maximize digital signal clarity, providing clean unhindered sound waves for an optimal multimedia viewing experience. 720p/1080i high-definition television and movie quality is available via two component video inputs, with wide-range bandwidth available so that users can hear audio tracks as they were meant to be heard. Silent Cinema allows for private content viewing through headphone systems, providing Virtual Cinema DSP-quality audio into higher-end headsets. The HTR-5740 also features a graphic equalizer with a number of preset sound programs, customizable through the front-mounted controls or the preset remote control unit. A/B switching allows for simultaneous connection of multiple system to the receiver, with an A+B feature for extreme situations. AM/FM radio is supported, with 40 presets available for grouping by musical genre or station type. In addition, the unit has a sleep timer feature that can be set in half-hour increments up to two hours for energy consumption. 

  • Six-channel 100W output
  • Yamaha Digital ToP-ART technology
  • Cinema DSP Digital and Pro Logic IIx decoding
  • Dolby Digital EX support
  • Silent Cinema headphone technology
  • DTS ES Matrix and Discrete 6.1 decoding
  • DTS Digital Surround sound
  • Audio delay adjustment
  • Quad-field cinema DSP
  • 29 sound program presets
  • A/B and A+B switch options
  • HDTV compatibility
  • 9-band subwoofer control
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