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The HTR-5660 is a high-perfomance audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's HTR-5740 model.

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Discrete circuitry design enables sleek, clean appearance - banana clip support is much preferred to spring clips or other "clunky" clip types

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Instruction manual is concise and well-written - especially helpful amongst inexperienced users who wish to access complex adjustment settings

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Individual speaker volume adjustment is a major selling point - allows users to create truly customized sound outputting within a given room type

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"Simulated Audio" surround sound conversion capabilities are excellent - quickly and effectively converts two-channel audio to 5.1 or 6.1 for home theater use

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40+ surround sound modes provide a wide variety of high-quality audio options - allows users to tailor various content types to a specific preset

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Included AM/FM radio antennas are of very high quality - signals are strong and consistent with minimal crosstalk/station disruption

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Unit is somewhat lacking is low-end output - bass presence is seemingly diminished as compared to similar models from Denon and Kenwood

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Remote is overly-complicated - many users will opt to integrate the receiver within an existing universal remote setup

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The HTR-5660 is a high-perfomance audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's HTR-5740 model and a step-up from the HTR-5650 model. Featuring six-channel amplification with more power than its predecessor at 85-watts per channel, this model is capable of four encoding types including DTS ES Discrete and Matrix 6.1, as well as Dolby's Digital EX and Pro Logic II technologies. Yamaha's own Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology helps to achieve the purest possible audio, utilizing power transistors for clean sound. 32-bit decoding is available between encoding platforms, maintaining consistent high-quality output that is also applicable to 24-bit digital-to-analog conversion with field reproduction for multi-channel sources. The unit comes pre-loaded with 24 different sound program presets for a variety of multimedia environments, including tri and quad-field cinema DSP for an enhanced movie viewing experience. The programs are customizable up to a total of 44 different options, and can also be interacted with via the included remote control unit. Digitally regulated volume control allows for highly accurate volume adjustments both large and small, with an intelligent component that monitors your preferences. The 5660 also features a wide selection of front and back panel A/V inputs and outputs, including both optical and coaxial jacks that support CD, DVD, MD/CDR and DTV/CBL content. A/B switching enables multiple speaker setups to wired into the unit simultaneously, with low impedance drive capability making most standalone speakers and subwoofers functional with the receiver. In addition, an AM/FM radio tuner is included with up to 40 preset spots for grouping by genre and service, and a sleep timer allows for automatic shut-off to conserve energy. 

  • Six-channel 85W output 
  • Yamaha Digital ToP-ART technology
  • Dolby Digital EX and Pro Logic II decoding
  • DTS ES Discrete and Matrix 6.1 decoding
  • 24-bit digital-to-analog signal conversion
  • 24 sound program presets
  • Remote control with presets
  • Digitally regulated analog volume control
  • All-channel stereo DSP technology
  • Tri-field and quad-field cinema DSP
  • A/B speaker switching
  • Sleep timer
  • 6 digital I/O jacks
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