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The AVENTAGE RX-A800 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha.

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solid build quality, weight feels substantial

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signal to speaker is clean and strong, interference free

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general controls are well laid out, easy to figure out and work with on a daily basis

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remote control is comprehensive, everything is accessible and only one or two button pushes away

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extreme power output, enough to fill any room in the home

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zone 2 can only use analog cables, poorly documented system quirk

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included manual on CD is poorly designed and written

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The AVENTAGE RX-A800 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's RX-A1000 model and a step-up from the RX-A700 model. Featuring 7.2 channels each with 95 watts of power output, this model features two dedicated video inputs as well as five composite s-video inputs. Three-dimensional video content is supported for playback of specialized Blu-ray discs, video game consoles and ported material from other broadcast devices. Standard high-definition content can be played back through an assortment of HDMI ports, with a single-cable jack provided specifically for HDTV viewing. Dolby Digital technology enables optimal audio quality through intelligent multi-channel routing and matrixed rear channels, with the "True HD" feature helping to reproduce video content in a bit-for-bit quality style. The RX-A800 also supports HD Radio integration, with over 2500 high-definition stations available to users at any given time. "Sirius Ready" compatibility enables the Sirius Satellite Radio service, including a dedicated input jack for the Sirius "ConnecT" kit for ease of use for subscribers. In addition, users can port audio and video content wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity, or attach their Apple iPod and iPhone devices through the dedicated dock system and navigate via the receiver's central control system. 

  • 3D HDMI compatibility
  • Dolby True HD video technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio technology
  • Dolby Digital EX Pro Logic IIx technology
  • DTS Digital surround sound
  • HD Radio technology
  • Sirius Ready tuning
  • Silent Cinema mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iPod and iPhone docking
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10/25/2011 08:06

Does the AVENTAGE RX-A800 have a phono input?

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