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The AVENTAGE RX-A700 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's RX-A800 model

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full color graphical user interface with a visual configuration guide

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ability to change HDMI input while in standby mode

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future proof with 3D support over HDMI

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proprietary YPAO system automatically configures connected speakers with a microphone integrated into the receiver

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independent digital and analog power supplies - results in less power consumption

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lacks HQV "Vida" video processing chip found in higher-end Yamaha receivers

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connected CD players must be from Yamaha for the included remote control to be compatible

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questionable performance advantages of the unit's vibration-dampening 5th foot

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The AVENTAGE RX-A700 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's RX-A800 model. Featuring 7.2 channels each with 90 watts of individual power output, this model is capable of reproducing three-dimensional content through Blu-ray discs, compatible video game consoles and other broadcasting units. Standard high-definition video content can be ported in through a variety of HDMI ports, with a single-cable receptor included specifically for HDTV content. Three Dolby technologies are included that cover both audio and video services, with "True HD" enabling "bit-for-bit" playback quality and "Pro Logic IIx" adding a center rear channel for a matrixed sound experience. The Compressed Music Enhancer feature helps to maximize the performance of common audio formats such as MP3 and WMA by bringing out high and low frequencies, while YPAO Automatic System Calibration utilizes a built-in microphone to analyze given room acoustics to automatically self-adjust to optimal settings. In addition, the AVENTAGE supports content streaming Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as Apple iPod and iPhone device docking for direct song playback and navigation through the receiver's primary control display. 

  • 3D HDMI support
  • Dolby True HD technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus technology
  • Dolby Digital EX Pro Logic IIx technology
  • DTS Digital surround sound
  • Sirius Internet Radio compatibility
  • Silent Cinema technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iPod and iPhone docking
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