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The AVENTAGE RX-A3000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha.

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runs silently, no buzz or humm

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enough power output to fill larger rooms

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integrated access to Internet radio is well developed, makes many channels available

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calibration with included microphone works the first time, without need for further tuning

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setup is fairly simple, even when working with multi-zone mode

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makes 3 separate zones available, more than most

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"docking" doesn't actually include a dock, just a general USB connection to an iPod or iPhone - awkward cords

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You can purchase an Apple dock made by Yamaha. Or you use USB.

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The AVENTAGE RX-A3000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-up from the company's RX-A2000 model. Featuring 7.2 channels each with 140 watts of power output, this model includes three of Dolby's technologies to ensure an optimal home theater experience. Dolby True HD technology provides lossless-quality audio for all-around high-defintion content viewing, with Digital Plus technology utilizing an intelligent channel routing design and added Pro Logic IIx dual rear-channel support. An HQV Vida video processing chip is included for adaptive de-interlacing and real-time compression clean-up, with "Auto HQV" and "HQV StreamClean" technologies automatically adjusting parameters to deliver picture that is as clear and vivid as possible. Users can access HD Radio tuning free of charge with the RX-A3000, with 2500 high-definition stations available in addition to multi-station access within a single dial position. Subscription-based services such as Rhapsody and Sirius Internet Radio are also supported on the receiver, with a dedicated jack for the Sirius "ConnecT" kit and Home Tuner set. Additional content can be ported to the unit via USB direct and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, with a dock providing instant synchronization of Apple iPod and iPhone units. While 17 surround sound programs are included for a variety of media types and setup configurations, users can also trigger YPAO Automatic System Configuration technology which uses a small built-in microphone to test the acoustics of a given room, self-adjusting output levels accordingly for near-perfect audio delivery. 

  • 3D HDMI compatibility
  • Dolby True HD technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus technology
  • Dolby Digital EX Pro Logic IIx technology
  • DTS Digital surround sound
  • HQV Vida video processor
  • HD Radio technology
  • Sirius Internet Radio connectivity
  • Rhapsody technology
  • Silent Cinema technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iPod and iPhone docking
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