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The AVENTAGE RX-A2000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha.

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tonal quality presets allow quick-switching for games or movies, well tuned to each task

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full-sized and mini remote for audio control from multiple zones

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online access is well thought out, large amount of content available

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all Dolby standards run as expected, and are automatically detected for decode

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runs completely silently, no audible fans or hum

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3 separate zone outputs, can cover 2 rooms and an outdoor zone

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iPod and iPhone docking uses a loose USB cable, rather than an actual dock

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initial setup can be confusing, finding the switch between 2 and 7 channel output can take some time

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The AVENTAGE RX-A2000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's RX-A3000 model and a step-up from the RX-A1000 model. Featuring 7.2 channels with 130 watts each of power output, this model is equipped with four component video input jacks and an additional five s-video inputs. Three-dimensional content from Blu-ray discs, compatible gaming consoles and other broadcast devices is fully supported, with multiple HDMI jacks included for standard high-definition support. The HQV Vida video processor chip is included for improved color rendering and overall enhanced picture detail, utilizing the "Auto HQV" and "HQV StreamClean" technologies to clean up sub-par video signals for maximum performance. DTS-HD Master Audio and digital surround sound enable a top-quality audio experience, supplementing Dolby's Digital Plus and Digital EX Pro Logic IIx systems for lossless audio signals and TrueHD bit-for-bit high-definition technology. HD Radio service is included with the unit for over 2500 CD-quality radio stations available at any given time, with subscription-based services such as Rhapsody and Sirius Internet Radio also fully supported. For private content viewing, Silent Cinema mode helps to simulate Cinema DSP virtual surround sound within a user's headphones for a suitable alternative when maximum volume levels cannot be used, with Compressed Music Enhancer technology helping to maximize high and low frequencies of common file formats such as Mp3 and WMA. In addition, the RX-A2000 features YPAO Automatic System Calibration, using a small built-in microphone to determine the best level settings for a given room. 

  • 3D HDMI content support
  • Dolby True HD technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio technology
  • Digital Digital EX Pro Logic IIx technology
  • DTS Digital surround sound
  • HQV Vida video processor
  • HD Radio signal tuning
  • Sirius Internet Radio compatibility
  • Rhapsody technology
  • USB connectivity
  • Silent Cinema technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • iPod and iPhone docking
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