The AVENTAGE RX-A1000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha.

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The AVENTAGE RX-A1000 is a high-quality audio/video receiver from Yamaha that offers a step-down from the company's RX-A2000 model and a step-up from the RX-A800 model. Featuring 7.2 channels each with 105 watts of power output, this model is equipped with DTS Digital surround sound technology with 17 pre-configured settings built into the unit. Dolby has included technologies for both audio and video excellence, with "True HD" providing bit-for-bit lossless video playback and "Digital Plus" technology utilizing an intelligent multi-channel routing system an added center rear channel for matrix support. HD Radio tuning technology is included with the RX-A1000, providing users with over 2500 high-definition audio stations with multiple station tuning available from the same dial positions. Membership-based music services such as Rhapsody and Sirius satellite/internet radio are also supported, with a dedicated jack provided for single-plug integration of the Sirius "ConnecT" kit for convenience. Additional content can be ported to the receiver via Bluetooth and USB connectivity, with a dock also installed for direct Apple iPod and iPhone navigation. 

  • 3D HDMI support
  • Dolby True HD technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus technology
  • Dolby Digital Ex Pro Logic IIx technology
  • DTS Digital surround sound
  • HD radio support
  • Rhapsody synchronization
  • Sirius Internet Radio functionality
  • USB connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ipod and Iphone docking support
  • Silent Cinema mode
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