The Yamaha MX-D1 is a 1000 watt digital power amplifier that tops Yamaha's line of hi-fi amplifiers.

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The Yamaha MX-D1 is a 1000 watt digital power amplifier that tops Yamaha's line of hi-fi amplifiers.  This digital stereo amplifer uses advanced Digital Amplification technology to deliver 500 watts per channel with superb audio purity and a 120db dymanic range. There are several advanced sound processing features including a cross feedback loop, advanced analog feedback, an active power control system and magnetic coupling current circuitry.  It incorporates a low-noise, low-impedance design and uses monaural seperate construction. Other features include high-speed protections circuits, a PWM digital drive high-efficiency power supply and extensive custom installation compatibility. The Yamaha MX-D1 comes in an elegant glossy black finish in a sleek low-line design.

  • 2 Channel Amplifier
  • 500W x 2 Output Power with Ultra-Low Distortion
  • Dynamic Range 120dB
  • Yamaha Original Power Engine System Chip: Modulator LSI (YDA133) and Power MOS Drive LSIs (YDA134 x 2)
  • Twin Monaural Independent Construction
  • Constant Gain PLL Modulator Circuit
Sound Processing
  • Cross Feedback Loop
  • Advanced Analog Feedback
  • Active Power Control System
  • Magnetic Coupling Current Circuitry
  • Low-Noise, Low-Impedance Design
  • Monaural Separate Construction
Other Features
  • Sleek Low-line Design
  • Elegant Glossy Black Finish
  • High-speed Protections Circuits
  • PWM Digital Drive High-Efficiency Power Supply
  • Extensive Custom Installation Compatibility
  • RS-232C Interface
  • ID Setting for Multi-channel Amplifier System
  • Validity of RS-232C Control
  • Trigger Signal Chain Connection for Synchronized Power Switching
  • Trigger Output Mode Switch Through/Power
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