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The Yamaha AX-497 is a hi-fi natural sound stereo amplifer that falls in the lower half of those offered by Yamaha.

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sound output is natural and undistorted, good energetic feel

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all metal cabinet feels substantial, keeps the unit cool and protects the unit well

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fit and finish is respectable, looks like a serious piece of AV equipment

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controls are simple and straight forward, easy to learn

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enough power output for most people's purposes

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tone controls provide a good amount of shaping to the audio

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output clarity and detail is every bit as good as more expensive amplifiers, good value

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doesn't distort at high volumes like most amps in this range

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remote is distinctly low-budget, plastic feels cheap and the layout is a little awkward

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The Yamaha AX-497 is a hi-fi natural sound stereo amplifer that falls in the lower half of those offered by Yamaha. This high power amplifier has a switchable CD / DVD direct amplication circuit, which is engaged by a front panel switch. This circuit matches CD / DVD signal levels so each stage produces less noise for an improved signal to noise ratio and maintenance of the amps total gain balance. Other features to ensure high sound quality include ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology),  low-impedance drive capability and linear damping.  For added quality, it is super audio CD and DVD ready with an extended frequency response.  Other features inlcude a Rec Out selector, gold plated CD input terminals, remote controllable motor-driven volume control, continuously variable loudness control and Bass/Treble/Balance controls with center clicks. The Yamaha AX-497 is available in black and comes with a remote control.

  • ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology)
  • Switchable CD/DVD Direct Amplification
  • Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio Ready with Extended Frequency Response
  • Linear Damping
  • High Dynamic Power, Low-Impedance Drive Capability
  • Rec Out Selector
  • Continuously Variable Loudness Control and Bass/Treble/Balance Controls (with Center Clicks)
  • Remote Controllable Motor-Driven Volume Control
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Speaker A, B or A+B Selection
  • Gold-Plated CD Input Terminals
  • Pure Direct Switch
  • System Remote Control Unit
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