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More expensive than the FG720S and FG730S, the Yamaha FG750S is a FG Series instrument.

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Tone is resonant and well-rounded - sycamore promotes clear frequencies with minimal fret and string buzz

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Excellent overall quality at the price point - build quality and attention to detail are on-par with higher-end models from Martin and Fender

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Very lightweight - ideal for players who use a strap and frequently stand while playing

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Nato neck is relatively soft and smooth - excellent for newcomers who have yet to build up protective calluses

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Stock string action is smooth and natural - excellent for inexperienced who have yet to discover what type of string height is best-suited to them

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Sound outputting is fairly quiet/mellow - not recommended for un-miked applications

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Tuners and bridge piece are of fairly low quality - many users will seek to replace these components upon regular use

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More expensive than the FG720S and FG730S, the Yamaha FG750S is a FG Series instrument that's crafted to produce great sound quality . A six-string acoustic guitar with a 14-fret body style, the model has a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge and Nato neck that offers comfort while playing different musical styles in various positions. With a Solid Sitka Spruce top, the guitar is different from similar inexpensive models as it has Sycamore back and sides that helps it produce a powerful sound. Created to be a high-quality guitar at an affordable price, it has a Natural colour and a Hi-Gloss finish.

  • Six-string acoustic guitar
  • 14-fret body style
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Sycamore back and sides
  • Nato neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Natural colour
  • Hi-Gloss finish
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