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The Yamaha YPT 320 is an entry level keyboard that features 61 full sized, touch-sensitive keys.

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built with durable components, feels high quality when using it

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relatively easy to move around the house

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sound is good quality, will satisfy most common users

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included video well produced, helpful for new players

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doesn't take up too much space

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many features are complicated and hard to figure out

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needs a keyboard stand, doesn't come with one

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The Yamaha YPT 320 is an entry level keyboard that features 61 full sized, touch-sensitive keys. It features a music database and a 2-track Easy Recording feature. It comes equipped with the Yamaha Education Suite package, as well as the Portable Grand button.

The YPT 320 features touch-sensitive keys which allow the user to receive a louder or softer tone based on the force in which they press the key. The music database comes with 100 song titles and allows for quick keyboard setups. The 2-track Easy Recording feature lets users record and save up to 5 of their original songs, for composing and practicing. The Yamaha Education Suite package comes with it, and features helpful learning tools and easy learning steps. The Portable Grand button comes with all of the Yamaha keyboards, and allows the user to simply press one button to receive the sound of a real acoustic piano.
Feature upgrades from the YPT 220 model would include the Touch Response technology and the song lesson feature "Keys to Success". Feature upgrades to the YPT 310 model would include Real Stereo speakers with bass ports.

  • entry level keyboard
  • 61 full sized, touch sensitive keys
  • custom LCD display
  • music database with 100 song titles
  • 2-track Easy Recording feature
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Portable Grand button
  • 482 high-quality instrument voices
  • 106 accompaniment styles with 102 built-in songs
  • 32 note polyphony
  • MIDI In/Out connectivity
  • AC adaptor or batteries
  • colour: silver
Post Review
03/02/2012 10:49

cant figure out how to record. says mem is full. will not allow to erase. very frustrated!

11/16/2010 03:22

i cant figure out how to save a second sound in ur personal library. i know how to save up to one sound (voice) on the keyboard but theres a way to add and record a second sound (voice) dubbed with the other sound and i cannot figure it out. i've done it a couple times by accident but thats about it. can someone email me and maybe explain in a different way that the maual does because the manuals description makes no sense to me. thank you

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