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The Yamaha YPT310 is an entry level portable keyboard that has 61 full size, touch sensitive keys and 482 voices.

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Very well-priced for the feature set - variety of sound patches and connectivity options are unparalleled at this level

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Built-in recorder is easy to configure - excellent introduction to multi-track recording for inexperienced users

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Excellent sound quality for an electronic keyboard - "Portable Grand" mode is especially realistic

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Touch-sensitive keys are highly responsive - significantly increases realism, puts unit at an advantage compared to similar units from Casio and Kawasaki

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Great choice for kids and beginners - Yamaha Education Suite function is easy to follow and covers a wide variety of foundational techniques

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USB Midi connectivity offers full control of software/DAW interfaces - single cable design is much better than older "IN - OUT - THRU" requirements

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Consumes disposable batteries very quickly - most users will need to purchase a separate AC wall adapter

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The Yamaha YPT310 is an entry level portable keyboard that has 61 full size, touch sensitive keys and 482 voices. This model comes with the Yamaha Education Suite with a 9 step Piano Lesson Suite. It features Real Stereo sound quality with Bass Ports and it also comes with 106 accompaniment styles and a one-touch setting.

The YPT310 features touch-sensitive keys that allow the keyboard to respond like an acoustic piano, where if you touch harder, you will get a louder sound, and if you press softer you will get a softer sound. This model comes with 482 XGlite and general MIDI voices. The Yamaha Education Suite has 102 built-in songs for users to learn how to play with one or both hands, and teaches timing, waiting, grading and a chord dictionary. The YPT310 comes with Real Stereo sound with sound-sampling technology, and has Bass Ports on each speaker which effects bass sound reproduction. The YPT310 comes with 106 built-in styles for users to play along with, and they can all be brought up with the touch of a button.
Feature upgrades from the YPT210 and 220 models include 482 instrument voices (instead of 375), a 2-track sequencer, and Flash ROM for storage.

  • entry level portable keyboard
  • 61 full sized, touch sensitive keys
  • backlit LCD screen
  • 482 XGlite and MIDI voices
  • Real Stereo sound quality with Bass ports
  • Portable Grand button
  • 106 accompaniment styles
  • 2-track sequencer
  • one-touch setting
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • 32 note polyphony and 16 part multi-timbrel
  • Flash ROM
  • headphone jack
  • music database
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