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The Yamaha YTP 210 is a portable grand keyboard that comes with 375 instrument voices.

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Good value and features for those just starting out.

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Keys actually feel pretty good when pressed, not so much like cheap plastic.

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Doesn't come included with a power adapter.

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It's difficult to figure out how to change the time signature of the metronome.

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Integrated speakers are of remarkably poor quality.

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The list of the 102 songs included in the keyboard is on page 20 of the manual rather than on a separate card like many other keyboards.

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Settings reset every time the power is turned off, volume always defaults to the loudest setting.

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The Yamaha YTP 210 is a portable grand keyboard that comes with 375 instrument voices, gearing it towards anyone looking to teach. This particular model comes equipped with Yamaha Education Suite V5, and a Real Stereo sound quality. The YTP 210 features a 32 note polyphony and 16 part multi timbrel.

The Yamaha YTP 210 is a portable grand, that with the push of a button converts to a stereo-sampled piano for a realistic piano sound. This keyboard comes equipped with the Yamaha Education Suite V5, with 102 built-in songs for users to learn to play, while teaching timing, waiting and grading, with a chord dictionary. It comes with Real Stereo sound quality, with stereo-sampling technology, not just 2 speakers like previous models. This is a higher end model becuase it features a 32 note polyphony instead of the custom 12-note polyphony, and it will play back 16 different parts or sounds at once (the 16-part multi-timbrel).
Feature upgrades as seen in the model YPT 220 include a reverb effect with 9 reverb types to add a richer sound to the performance. If upgrading to the YPT 310 model, one would have added features like 482 voices (instead of 375), and a 2-track sequencer and Flash ROM for storage.

  • 61 full size keys
  • portable grand
  • large LCD display
  • 32 notes of polyphony and 16 part multi timbrel
  • 375 instrumental voices (incl. 12 drum kits, and sound effect kit)
  • Yamaha Education Suite V5
  • Real Stereo sound quality
  • headphone jack for private practice
  • 102 songs separated into left and right hand parts for learning
  • MIDI In/Out interface
  • one touch settings
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