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The Tyros 3 by Yamaha is an arranger workstation and 61-note keyboard designed with the professional performer.

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great screen - produces a bright and crisp picture

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upgradeable - capable of receiving software updates from the manufacturer

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good user interface - easy to use and well organized

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the keyboard feels good to play on

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includes an upgraded waveform memory with a larger organ selection compared to its predecessor

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improved FX processor - dedicated to individual effects instead of grouped sounds

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uses outdated classical and jazz choirs

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only 61 keys - an 88 key version is not available

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doesn't include very many accessories

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built with plastic housing - not as durable as brushed aluminum

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The Tyros 3 by Yamaha is an arranger workstation and 61-note keyboard designed with the professional performer in mind with an emphasis on features, sound quality, and a breezy playing experience. Its library includes over 1100 voices (including Cool! and Sweet! voices and 36 drum kits) recorded with Megavoice technology to ensure the playback is closer to the actual instrument than a sample. 300 musical styles stand ready to accompany players with 4 programmable one-touch buttons to easily call up favorite styles. Live performers will also benefit from the 4-voice harmony feature--which lets players harmonize their own recorded voices--and the Score display, which listens to the singer and automatically advances the lyrics and sheet music on the 7.5" colour TFT LCD screen. 128-note polyphony enables multiple voices to be carred across the stereo speakers, eliminating the frustration of dropped notes. In addition, the Tyros 3 not only allows players to make great music but also to record it (up to 35 000 notes), upload it, or download more with USB and MIDI compatibility.

  • Professional arranger workstation with 61-note keyboard
  • Library of over 1100 voices includes Cool! and Sweet! voices and 36 drum kits
  • Megavoice technology plays back realistic instrument samples
  • 300 musical accompaniment styles, including Jazz, Rock, RnB, etc.
  • 4 one-touch buttons can be programmed with favorite styles
  • 4-voice Vocal Harmony
  • 7.5" colour TFT LCD screen
  • Score display displays lyrics and scores with automatic scroll
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Records up to 35 000 notes
  • USB and MIDI connectivity
  • Dimensions: 45.24" (W) x 16.9" (D)  x 5.4" (H)
  • Weight: 27.38 lbs.
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