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The Yamaha PSR-OR700 is a 61-key portable keyboard weighted for live performances, featuring MegaVoices.

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keys are touch-sensitive, have a good response to how hard you hit them

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enough extra features to satisfy experienced keyboard players

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good variety of tone types available, can emulate a full band

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keys have a good response, feel comfortable to work with

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tonal quality of the sound seems authentic, very clear and pleasant

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controls for the various features are easy enough for entry-level users

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sound output is fairly loud from the built-in speakers

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The Yamaha PSR-OR700 is a 61-key portable keyboard weighted for live performances, featuring MegaVoices, a Scale Settings panel, and above-average sound quality technology. Along with the usual voices, such as piano or guitar, the MegaVoices library of the PSR-OR700 offers unique World Voices of Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Mediterannean musical instruments with an emphasis on capturing the live presence of the instrument, adding up to 862 voices in all. Accompaniment patterns in styles of Jazz, Rock, Latin and even Turkish, Greek, or Arabic enhance the live playing experience, and with the Scale Settings panel players can tune instruments in mid-performance. 4 Effects, Reverb and Chorus, and 96-note polyphony enable the PSR-OR700 to carry more voices of higher quality simultaneously across its speakers. A 5.7" QVGA screen to display song titles, lyrics, sheet music and information and USB connectivity to both computers and devices are also included.

  • 61 keys
  • MegaVoice library features 862 voices, including Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Mediterannean instruments
  • Diverse accopaniment patterns
  • Scale Settings panel lets users tune on the fly
  • 4 Effects
  • Reverb and Chorus
  • 96-note polyphony
  • 5.7" QVGA screen
  • USB connectivity enables download and upload of MIDIS between computers and devices
  • Dimensions: 39 5/8" x 17 1/8" x 5 7/8"
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
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Ally Ahmad
08/15/2011 07:07

I need this keyboard but i am in zanzibar where can i get this

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