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The PSR-E223 is a 61-key portable keyboard from Yamaha that offers a step-up from the company's PSR-E223 model.

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Yamaha Education Suite software provides comprehensive song instruction to inexperienced players

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Portable Grand button provides a very realistic stereo-sampled piano sound

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Touch-sensitive keys provide the feel of a weighted keyboard with accurate dynamics

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Split Mode encourages two-person interaction and one-person solo arrangements

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One-touch MIDI integration enables simple connectivity to DAWS and other audio interfaces

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Wide variety of instrument sounds uncommon to keyboards in this price range

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Hundreds of breathtaking dual voice combinations and effects make producing the sound you desire a piece of cake.

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Some sounds and effects can come across as generic and un-musical

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Some sounds, such as 225 (Finger Dark, which is barely audible) are completely pointless.

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The PSR-E223 is a 61-key portable keyboard from Yamaha that offers a step-up from the company's PSR-E223 model. Comprising 61 full-sized touch-sensitive keys, this model is pre-loaded with 482 high-quality instrument voices and also includes an additional 106 rhythmic backing tracks for players to "jam" along with. An integrated 2-track recording system allows users to create their own instrumental arrangements, using any of the included instrument patches or backing tracks along with the unit's on-board metronome function. "Keys To Success" mode provides an interactive song-learning environment with over 100 popular titles included in the unit's database. Hard buttons are included for quick navigation, including "Listening" "Timing", "Waiting" and "Phrase Repeat" for comprehensive learning, with graded scores out of 100 calculated via the PSR-E223's note identification technology. A dedicated "Portable Grand" button is also included for users seeking a classic-style grand piano sound, with customizable reverb available to emulate a variety of performance locations. 

  • Silver color
  • 61 full-sized keys
  • 32-note polyphony
  • 482 high-quality instrument voices
  • 106 accompaniment styles
  • Keys To Success song lesson function
  • 2-track recording functionality
  • 100 built-in interactive songs
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Multiple reverbs types
  • Portable Grand function
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09/29/2011 06:34

Fantastic keyboard. Dualling voices is the best part. You can get lots of excellent voices out of it, including electric violin and even classic synthesizers. It comes with lots of effects including sustain, flanger, and distortion. It's equipped with a lot of sound and rhythm controls as well, and all of this makes it perfect for progressive rock bands. It's a very addictive model - The sound "Fargo", for example, never gets boring to use.

Unfortunately there are a couple of problems though. Some of the sounds on it are dull and useless, such as some of the more quiet sounds (notably Finger Dark, which is laughably quiet even with volume turn up to the max). I also would have liked more space to record tracks; there's only five slots. Also it's a shame that there's no aftertouch.

But whatever - it's still a very good keyboard that offers lots of different ways to play, the pre-recorded songs and styles on it are brilliant choices (including a exhilarating demo piece), and there's lots of hidden goodies in it which are fun to find.


08/12/2011 05:08

I just bought a yamaha psr e323 keyboard & it's just a couple days old with me I think it's really an interactive keyboard for learners but I think it's also great at the same time for intermediate players. I'm kinda like an intermediate player but I need an advanced player to give an opinion on that keyboard

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