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The DGX620 is another 88-key digital keyboard from Yamaha with an emphasis on teaching beginning players.

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keys are touch sensitive and offer good playability

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built-in speakers are fairly loud, good enough for small to medium rooms

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good range of accompaniment styles available

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piano sound is high quality, sounds authentic

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MIDI connection is instant and responds quickly

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easy to setup, instructions are clear and detailed

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not many quick-selection buttons, takes awhile to find what you're looking for in the menus

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The DGX620 is another 88-key digital keyboard from Yamaha with an emphasis on teaching beginning players, but including the sound quality to satisfy more experienced musicians. Also notable is the DGX620's streamlined and easy to use design which earned it Honors in the Design and Engineering Showcase of the 2007 Innovations International CES. The Yamaha Education Suite allows players to learn directly on the keyboard thorugh three different learning modes, a progress monitor, handy features such as a chord dictionary, and Performance Assistant, which adjusts a song to suit any skill level. The full dot Matrix LCD screen displays the sheet music and lyrics of 250 built-in songs, with more available to be downloaded via the USB and MIDI connectivity. The DGX620 puts a variety of tools at the players disposal, including a sound library of 500 voices (including the special groups Sweet!, Cool!, and Live!) and 150 accompaniment styles, all supported by a pair of 2-way stereo speakers with Bass Boost and Digital Effects technology (including Harmony and Reverb). Packaged witht the DGX620 is a matching stand and Quickstart DVD.

  • 88 Keys with Weighted Graded Hammer Action
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) included
  • Full dot Matrix LCD screen with sheet music and lyric display
  • 250 Built-in songs
  • 500 Voices (including special libraries Cool!, Sweet!, and Live!)
  • 150 Accompaniment styles (including popular genres such as Latin, Rock, Jazz, etc.)
  • 2-Way Stereo Speakers with Bass Boost
  • Digital Effects Technology
  • USB, MIDI and USB to DEVICE connectivity
  • Matching stand and Quickstart DVD included
  • Dimensions: 55-1/3" (W) x 19-1/8" (D) x 30-3/8" (H)
  • Weight: 56 lbs. 3 oz.
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