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It includes an AM/FM radio, DVD player, remote control, and a variety of other features.

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buttons are easy to feel for as you drive

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audio from both AM and FM bands sounds great

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Bluetooth interface works well, pairs easily and can stream music fairly well

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reverse video comes on automatically when you go to back up, shuts itself off again when you shift to drive

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GPS finds satellites right away, brings up your location immediately

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SD card slot can only handle up to 4GB cards

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radio interface is very basic, doesn't show any info about the channel, no HD radio

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 The XOVision XOD1840BTNAVI has a 7" touch screen that is motorized to help combat glare and a built in GPS system to help the consumer get around.  It includes an AM/FM radio, DVD player, remote control, and a variety of other features. One nice feature that the XOVision XOD1840BTNAVI has is its bluetooth capability for handsfree driving.  This also allows users to listen to music on their phone through the car's stereo system which is an ability not normally found in a in-car multimedia receiver.  It comes with a small remote but it is lacking the nice road trip karaoke feature that a lot of models similiar to it come with.  Sacraficing entertainment for navigation - this unit is geared towards users who want an entertainment system in their car that also has practical use.

  •  GPS Navigation
  • Power: 75w x 4
  • Bluetooth with on-screen dialing and A2DP
  • Remote control
  • AM/FM Radio with 30 Presets
  • Motorized touch screen
  • Backup camera ready (but not included)
  • Dual SD Card input
  • Digital album viewer
  • 2 RCA Output, 1 video input, 2 audio input
  • GPS operational while listening to music
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