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The XOVision XOD1740BT has a 7" motorized wide touch screen.

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Integrated TV tuner is virtually useless - local channels come in at very poor quality, with excessive inconsistencies amongst signal strength

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Built-in Bluetooth microphone does not perform well - users placing calls through the unit report muddled, inaudible speech both incoming and outgoing

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Radio station playback is intermittent - many channels are seemingly prone to feedback and static, with certain channels completely unavailable

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Touch screen severely lacks sensitivity - most users report an average of 3 or 4 attempts before a given prompt is properly registered

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CD playback is remarkably slow - most standard-length audio CDs take between 30 seconds to 1 minute to load and play

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Motorized screen component is of very poor quality - often requires manual assistance from the user (pulling out or pushing in the screen)

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USB and SD card inputs are awkwardly placed along the side of the display - very difficult, if not impossible to insert thumb drives and SD cards due to local hardware interference

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 The XOVision XOD1740BT has a 7" motorized wide touch screen.  It includes a digital album viewer, AM/FM radio, DVD player, remote control, input for a backup camera, and a variety of other features.  One feature that the XOVision XOD1740BT has that stands out from similar models is its bluetooth capability for handsfree driving.  This bluetooth feature also allows users to listen to music on their phone through the car's stereo system which is an ability not normally found in a in-car multimedia receiver.  The device also includes a remote control and karaoke functionality that can make long road trips a little more interesting.  One last note - the manufacturer website includes product manuals that maybe worthwhile to buyers seriously considering this unit.

  • Power: 80w x 4
  • Bluetooth with on-screen dialing and A2DP
  • Remote control
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Motorized touch screen
  • Karaoke function 
  • Multi-zone (PAL/NTSC)
  • Height: 3.9" x Length: 7.5" x Width: 6.9"
  • USB card input
  • SD Card input
  • (Sold Separately) Zpodlink to listen to iPods and music players through the car stereo
  • Digital album viewer
  • 2 RCA Output, 1 video input, 2 audio input
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