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The XOVision XOD1736 has a 7" motorized wide touch screen.

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Unit provides a snug, secure fit when properly installed - most users will be able to successfully self-install despite poor-quality instruction manual

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Built-in sound outputting is surprisingly good - small stereo speakers provide balanced audio that is free of harsh overtones, suitable for extensive movie playback

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Excellent picture quality at the price point - imagery is clear, consistent and vivid throughout DVD playback

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Many users report initially receiving a defective unit - some cases included more than one exchange in order to receive a fully-functional product

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Unit is unable to store local time and radio preset information - users most re-enter clock data and manually seek out radio stations each time the car is powered on

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Instruction manual is sparse and poorly worded - likely to confuse users more than help them, especially those with little electronics experience

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Remote control is seemingly prone to malfunction over time - users report signal intermittence and lack of button response within months and even weeks

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 The XOVision XOD1736 has a 7" motorized wide touch screen.  It includes a digital album viewer, AM/FM radio, DVD player, remote control, input for a backup camera, and a variety of other features.  One features that the XOVision XOD1736 has that makes it stand out from similar models is the fact that it includes a recorder that allows the user to record any CD or MP3 disk placed inside the device onto a Flash drive.  One thing that isn't known is how this recorder handles copyright protection software that is put on some disks. The device also includes a remote control and karaoke functionality that can make long road trips a little more interesting.  One last note - the manufacturer website includes a demo that maybe worthwhile to buyers seriously considering this unit.

  •  Karaoke function that can playback karaoke DVDs
  • Multi-zone (PAL/NTSC)
  • Height: 3.9" x Length: 7.5" x Width: 6.9"
  • USB card input
  • SD Card input
  • (Sold Separately) Zpodlink to listen to iPods and music players through the car stereo
  • Digital album viewer
  • 2 RCA Output, 1 video input, 2 audio input
  • Power: 80w x 4
  • Remote control
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Motorized touch screen
  • Built in recording function from CD to Flash or SD card
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