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The XOVision X355NAV is a top of the line in-dash multimedia reciever with a 7" LCD touch screen display.

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The XOVision X355NAV is a top of the line in-dash multimedia reciever with a 7" LCD touch screen display. The X355NAV includes a 16:9 wide screen monitor that is motorized and has fully adjustable angles which can be controlled through touch options. The biggest added feature is the GPS navigation support available through the optional GPS box which is sold seperately. The X355NAV includes a native universal DVD player which supports DVD, MP4(AVI/DIVX/3.X/5.X), VCD, JPG, SVCD, WMA, MWV, and CD formats. It includes a front panel USB input and SD Card slot, High power 4Ch Digital Output Amplifier, 3 Pre-outs(front,rear and sub) including Subwoofer output, Backup Camera Input (HTC31/32 sold separately), and an optional iPOD input which can also be purchased seperately. The X355NAV also supports digital album preview, or JPEG image display with a browser, slide show, zoom, and pan set of functions. The device includes additional features such as a built-in AM/FM Radio with 30 presets (that has auto scan, and store functions), multi-zone support (NTSC/PAL), power activation on Brake-On Function, and an included remote control. The face plate is detachable as well for an added security to discourage thieves. The XOVision X355NAV has an MSRP of $299.99 and no listed release date.

  • 7" Enhanced Resolution Touch Wide Screen Display
  • 16:9 Wide screen monitor
  • Fully Motorized with Angle adjustment by Touch
  • Built-in USB Input
  • Built-in SD Card slot
  • Built-in universal DVD Player which supports: DVD,MP4(AVI/DIVX/3.X/5.X),VCD,JPG,SVCD,WMA,MWV, and CDs
  • AM/FM Radio with 30 presets, Auto scan, and store
  • High power 4Ch Digital Output Amplifier 4x65W Max
  • ZPodLink Provides Ipod and Ipod Video playback through your vehicle sound system via a direct connection between the Ipod and In-Dash unit. (Included)
  • Digital Album: JPEG image browser, slide show, zoom, pan function
  • Power Activation on Brake-On Function
  • GPS Navigation ready; available through GPS box (Sold Seperately)
  • Multi-zone (auto PAL/NTSC system)
  • Remote control included
  • MSRP: $299.99
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