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Issey Miyake Silay001 W Mens Watch

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Make a loud statement without even opening your mouth with a designer Issey Miyake timepiece on your arm. The world famous Japanese fashion designer has given his blessing to these innovative and beautifully designed watches that will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed right away. The incredible design of the To line is sure to turn a head or two; while the Twelve series is both simple; beautiful and functional. Anyone can buy a watch; but it takes a special kind of person to wear art on their wrist. You can be that person with an Issey Miyake designed timepiece.

Satoshi Wada has gained a fine reputation as a car designer especially for Audi; including A5 which is described as "the most beautiful coupé in the world" when working at Audi AG in Germany. The concept of his design for "W" is "to reflect the minimal mind in this new watch based on the traditional aesthetic sense of Japan." While incorporating elements of car design; such as the precise gauge-like dial and hands; and the powerful and solid case inspired by an aluminum wheel of a car; this new chronograph watch expresses the designer's creativity that pursues Japanese minimal beauty in its functionality by using black-and-white-based colors for the dial as well as designing the lean and serene face. Highly-legible wide dials
For high legibility and accuracy; the dial is made wide with a diameter of 43 mm and hands are designed fine and long.

Mechanical instant zero reset with button click feeling
The instant zero reset realizes the sense of using a mechanical watch; such as the second hand moving like chronograph measurement and the button click touch.

Band shape designed to fit small wrists comfortably
Because the band's adapter is movable; the band can move perpendicularly to the case and it enables the watch to fit any wrists comfortably.

  • Quartz (Indication of hour; minute and second. Chronograph second. Calendar.)
  • - Glass material: Inorganic glass
  • - Case size: Diameter: 43 mm / Thickness: 12.8 mm
  • - Water resistance: 5 bar
  • - Weight: Metal band: 155 g / Leather band: 100 g
Satoshi Wada; a car and product designer.
The eleventh new series launched by the ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project is "W;" a Japanese chronograph watch created through collaboration with the renowned Japanese car designer; Satoshi Wada; who worked for Audi in Germany and made remarkable achievements in designing many series. The powerful and dynamic case is inspired by an alumi- num wheel of a car and the long hands indicate the time on its precise gauge-like dial. The concept is explained by the designer - "I designed this watch to reflect the minimal mind based on the traditional aesthetic sense of Japan. Aiming for returning to basics of Japanese traditional arts; I proposed a new type of chronograph watch started in Japan." The features of this quartz watch; the second hand moving like an automatic watch and the button click feeling; will surely please man's fun-loving nature.

The "W" special package is a simple black cubic box made of eco-friendly materials including paper and urethane. A message from the designer is printed around the outside of the box.

Band Color: Silver Metal; Band Width: 22mm near case; 22mm near clasp/buckle; Bezel Color: Silver; Case: Silver + Circle-shaped; Case Finish: Satin + Stainless Steel; Case Thickness: 13mm; Case Width: 42mm; 47mm with crown; Clasp / Buckle: Deployment; Dial: Black + analog; Hand Color: White; Movement: Japanese + quartz; Time Zones: Single; Water Resistance: 10 atm; Other Features: Date display
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