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Appetime Svj211133 Sparkling Watch

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Need to fix your appetite for time? Put them together and you have Appetime. Born in 2000; Appetime was launched in Japan. The series of casual watches are designed to brighten your mood. Using joyful characterizations and rich variations of different shapes and colors; each watch is designed to tell a story. The line combines made-in-Japan quality with well-known Japanese kawaii (cuteness); and showcases both to the world.

If your watch has a soft plastic band such as a urethane band; do not leave the watch under a fluorescent lamp or direct sunlight for a long period of time; or do not leave the band soiled. Otherwise; the band may discolor; harden or break. Also; do not keep the watch in places where exposed to high humidity; and do not leave the band wet with perspiration or water. Otherwise; the band may discolor in a very short time. When the band is soiled; rinse it in soapy water. Do no use solvents for cleaning as some solvents may degrade the band. If your watch has a semitransparent urethane band; which is easily discolored; special care should be taken to keep it clean. Depending on the condition of use; the semitransparent band may discolor after several months of use.

The theme is appetimeSparkling; describing with dots the bursting bubbles of carbonated drinks. Bubbles burst in colorful dot patterns as carbonated drinks ar epoured into a glass. This is a casual watch with a unique dial full of depth and the coloring of fresd; sweet and tangy drinks like lemonade and soda pop; making us happy just to see them. Comfortable Fitting

  • The three dimensional design* of the case and band provides comfortable fit for women with thin wrists as well as for men (* 3D design: The badn is attached to the case at a downard angle; resulting in an especially good fit.)
Dial Ring
  • Dial ring is designed like a sculptured drinking glass.
Second Hand
  • A dot marks the back end of the second hand
  • Partially luminous dial gleams in the dark
Case and Band
  • Case and band are separate structures; enabling it to replace the band
  • Time Indication
  • Quartz
  • Water Resistant 3 ATM
  • Plastic Case
  • Stainless Steel Bezel and Backplate
  • Mineral Glass
  • Urethane Strap
  • Luminescence Dial and Hands
  • Made In Japan

Band Color: White Rubber; Band Width: 17mm near case; 16mm near clasp/buckle; Bezel Color: Silver; Case: White + Circle-shaped; Case Finish: Flat + Plastic; Case Thickness: 9mm; Case Width: 37mm; 38mm with crown; Clasp / Buckle: Strap Buckle; Dial: White + analog; Hand Color: White; Movement: Japanese + quartz; Time Zones: Single; Water Resistance: 5 atm;
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