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The SS-2000 incorporates a built-in 12dB amplifier suited for HDTV off-air reception.

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light-weight, can be attached to a wall without difficulty

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gets superior reception even in difficult places

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capable of lossless 1080i reception

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looks like a large piece of electrical equipment, not attractive

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takes up enough space to require some planning

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analog VHF channels come in, but with many artifacts

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not suitable if stations are broadcasting from multiple directions

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The Winegard SS-2000 is a SquareShooter UHF-Only Digital/Analog/HDTV TV antenna system that requires no assembly and can be easily mounted. As an upgrade from the original SS-1000, the SS-2000 incorporates a built-in 12dB amplifier suited for HDTV off-air reception. It’s also built primarily for UHF signals (channels 14-69), but it can be, in some instances, used to receive VHF signals from channels 7-13. Like its predecessor, the SS_2000 relies on a non-traditional electromagnetic antenna design that not only provides superior performance, but also creates a new ‘look and feel’ that isn’t overly large like conventional Yogi-style units. Despite its compact nature, the SS-2000 provides an average gain of 4.5dB from 470-806MHz with an average VSWR of 1.3:1. Additional features include an enhanced front-to-back ratio via a rear ‘scatter plane’; equal sensitivity to signals of all polarizations; and a 50 mile range.

  • SquareShooter UHF-Only Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna
  • Integrated 12dB Amplifier
  • Easy Wall Mounting on Any Surface
  • Non-Traditional Electromagnetic Design
  • Compact Design
  • Enhanced Front-to-Back Ratio
  • Rear Scatter Plane
  • Equal Sensitivity to all Signals
  • Support for Optional Pre-Amp
  • Medium Multi-Directional
  • J-type Mast/Mount
  • 75ohm Coaxial Connection
  • Can Pick Up VHF Ch7-13
  • 50 Mile Range
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