The Wilson Pro Staff Six One BLX 90 picks up where the Wilson SixOne Tour BLX 90 left off.

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The latest racquet used by Roger Federer, the Wilson Pro Staff Six One BLX 90 picks up where the Wilson SixOne Tour BLX 90 left off. Legendary braided graphite construction combined with new Amplifeel handle system for the best feel yet in a Wilson Pro Staff. Continues the use of Basalt fiber (BLX) technology for improved feel and frame feedback, continuing to feature classic feel in the same tradition as the previous-generation Pro Staffs: nSixOne Tour 90, Hyper Pro Staff Tour 90 and Pro Staff Kevlar 85. 17mm flat beam and 90 square inch headsize provide the ultimate in feel and control for those players advanced enough to wield Federer's racquet of choice. Specifications are nearly identical with the past generation Six One Tour 90. Expect the ultimate in control, feel, and frame feedback on the market today.

Those players advanced enough to wield this 90 square inch, 17mm flat beam frame will be rewarded with accuracy and feel not found in many racquets today

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  • Latest racquet used by Roger Federer
  • racquet comes unstrung
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Wilson does not include cover with racquet.
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Grip Size Options

  • 4.5
  • 4.62
  • 4.25
  • 4.37
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a cover included with the racket?


  • What level is this racket rated?

    The Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX is designed with a focus on precision. The small headsize and hefty weight make this a pretty demanding racquet. It is best suited for advanced players who generate their own power and are looking for a frame that offers plenty of control.

  • What is the difference between this one and the pro staff blx 90?

    This past Winter/Spring Wilson changed the cosmetics of the racquet. It originally had "ProStaff Six.One 95" on the side of the racquet, and was changed to "ProStaff Ninety-Five" The racquets are the same, they just look a bit different. The reason behind this change was due to the fact that it caused a lot of confusion when ordering. People would order the BLX 6.1 95 (the red one), thinking they are getting the pro staff. By getting rid of '' in the name of the prostaff versions, there were less errors when ordering. This mistake was common with customers buying from stores, and stores buying from Wilson.

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BLX®: Wilson BLX® racquet technology is engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet, and grip technologies for the perfect feel. Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black™, filtering unwanted extreme frequency and delivering a clean feedback with better sensation and the perfect feel.

Amplifeel™: Amplifeel™ handle technology provides an even cleaner and enhanced feel in the racquet. Amplifeel™ also allows for a more customized handle system providing additional handle comfort to further support maximizing the feel in each racquet and player segment

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