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The Wilson [K] Factor [K] Tour Team. FX is part of the all around series of [K] Factor rackets introduced by Wilson.

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creates spin readily with just a small twist of the wrist

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balances flex with rigid feel, somewhere in the middle to get best of both worlds

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quality of the construction is very high, seems flawless at close examination

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solid feel when hitting the ball, no vibration to tire your arm

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head-light weight distribution keeps it maneuverable and nimble

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excellent accuracy, ball goes where you send it

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a little heavier than what most people are used to

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doesn't create a lot of power, not ideal for weaker arms

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sweet-spot isn't very big, need to be certain of your shots

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The Wilson [K] Factor [K] Tour Team.FX is part of the all around series of [K] Factor rackets introduced by Wilson. This particular racket has the second largest headsize in the line at 102" and a lower weight than the Wilson [K] Factor [K] Tour. It contains Wilson's [K] factor Technology which is designed specifically to improve the control. This technology is broken down into four specific parts of the racket; the frame is made of [K]arophite to make the racket stronger and more stable, the [K]ontour Yoke changes the shape of the frame to increase torsional stability, the [K]onnector near the handle creates more control and a larger sweet spot and finally the [K]ompact Centre also near the handle provides maneuverability. All of these components ultimately work together to increase the control and forgiveness of the racket. The all around series is made for those looking for maximum control while not losing any of the power.

  • Headsize - 102"
  • Strung Weight - 10.4 oz
  • Length - 27.25"
  • String Pattern - 16 x 19
  • Strung balance - 1 pt. HL
  • Cross Section - 23.5 mm Flat Beam
  • Quad Shaft
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